101 Fun Facts about the Bride

101 Fun Facts about the Bride

Some of the best hen party ideas are often the simple ones. These hen party ideas become all the more special when you get more people involved. It really shows the bride how much everyone loves and cares about her. This is a really nice hen party idea that’s great for laughs, tears, and sometimes feigned disbelief from the bride to be! It’s actually easier than you think to get 101 Fun Facts about the Bride.

Simply ask the brides family, fiancé and friends etc to write down a funny fact, short story, or just a little quirk describing the bride to be. Obviously add in your own personal stories and adventures together and to be aware that the mother of the bride might be in attendance so let’s keep it clean.

A great ideas is to read these ‘101 Fun Facts about the Bride’ out at some stage of the evening or write them out on little cards and leave them around the table at dinner. It makes for some great dinner conversation and is a fantastic way anyone that might not know each other to chat.

So can you think of any fun facts straight off the top of you head? We all have one story that always comes to mind.




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