#FancyReviews: Hen Party For The Gym Bunny Bride

By: Carol

#FancyReviews: Hen Party For The Gym Bunny Bride

Does the bride-to-be love fitness? Is she always in the gym? Keep reading this weeks #FancyReviews: Hen Party For The Gym Bunny Bride.

So the bride-to-be loves the gym and being active? If you have been given the important task of planning her hen party then you might want to incorporate this into the weekend somehow. It could also be a good idea to opt for something more energetic for the celebrations and steer clear of the laid back activities. To help with this, TheFancyHen.ie team have come up with some fantastic ideas that are sure to keep this little gym bunny happy.


Whether you want to take this theme seriously or simply take the pi$$ out of her, you can definitely work the brides love for fitness into the party. One great idea would be to dress up and make the dress code strictly active wear. This could be fashion forward Nike gear or old school leg warmers and a visor. Old school is always best though ladies! Leave a basket by the door full of items for the group to grab on their way in. This could include sweat bands, skipping ropes and water bottles. Find a fitness playlist on Spotify with all the old, fun classics such as Olivia Newton-Johns ‘Physical’ to help everyone get in the mood.

Food and drink

Incorporating this theme into food and drink is another great hen party addition. When it comes to drink, leave out some bottles of water with a funny picture of the bride on the front. Gym bunnies have to stay hydrated of course! Make some chocolatey treats in the shape of dumbells or weights. If possible, get a cake and cupcakes made professionally with little weights, runners and a gym bag on top. She will laugh and cringe at first but secretly love it when she sees it! If you want to keep the party relatively healthy, lay out some protein bars, fruit and yummy salads. The hens can tuck into these delicious treats guilt-free!


On the rare occasion that the weather is nice, why not take the hen party activities outside. We have a brilliant list of activities that will get those heart racing and have everyone feeling amazing. To help narrow it down, below are some fantastic activity ideas that the bride-to-be will simply love! And not to worry if you are not as fit as the bride, these activities suit hens of all fitness levels. So you can take your time while she races ahead….perfect!

Adventure Challenge Puzzles

This hen party activity is fantastic for active hens but also a great idea for hens of all fitness levels. Some fun challenges that the group will be able to take part in on the day include Build A Pyramid, Octopus, Minefield, Tyre Stack Challenge, Rope Shackles, Wrist Ropes, Maze and Syphon Challenge. Whether you want to continue the party with a few drinks and a dance later or not, this is a great option even by itself.

Assault Course

Put the bride-to-be and hens to the test with a fun assault course hen party activity. During this activity you will enjoy challenges like the high wall, climbing ropes, scramble nets, over and unders, tyre run, sand bag challenge, black hole, monkey bars and balance beams. Get some friendly competition going and see who can finish first. Even though you know it will be the bride-to-be…

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer has to be one of the most hilarious hen party activities we offer. Even if you are not the biggest soccer fan, this one is a winner. Each hen will place a large zorb over their head so you are covered from the waist up and your legs are free so you can play the game. Sounds fun right?! The aim is basically to attempt playing a game of soccer while wearing the zorbs. Laugh as you bounce off one another, fall over and possibly even roll away. If you actually manage to score a few goals, you deserve a free drink or two!

Yoga Class

Yoga is a brilliant activity to enjoy during the hen party. Not only will you get a workout in but you will also have the opportunity to chill out and unwind before continuing the rest of the madness that weekend. Check out how TheFancyHen.ie team got on when we attended a hen party yoga class recently to give you more of an idea of what is expected.

So those are our top tips for planning a hen party for the bride that loves all things health and fitness. Even if the hens are polar opposites, everyone can still have an amazing time. You don’t need to be very active or a pro to take part in any of these activities. Just have an open mind and a bit of fun!

We hoped this has helped you decide how to make the gym bunny bride happy on her special day. Contact us today on info@thefancyhen.ie or call +353 51 393 000 for more information. 



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