DIY Floral Decor

DIY Floral Decor

Looking for some hen party decor inspiration? Let The Fancy Hen help show you how to create some fab DIY Floral Decor that the bride will love!

Whether you are hosting an afternoon tea hen party or just having a small get together for the occasion, flowers are a must. Decorating the area with fresh or fake flowers adds a touch of elegance and style to the party. Let us show you some unique ways to do it yourself.


Placing flowers inside lanterns inside of candles would be a lovely decor addition to the hen party. Whether these lanterns are large or small, a few colourful flowers showing through the glass would look fab. If this party is held outdoors add a small LED light inside also for when the evening starts to creep in.


Attaching flowers around or in the corner of empty frames would look quirky at a garden hen party. Here, large frames would look better but several different size frames could also be a nice touch. This would also look great with a photo in the frame. Pop in a nice photo of the bride-to-be and decorate with small flowers to add a personalised element to the decor.


A nice affordable option would be to place some flowers inside a clear glass jar or bottle. These could be empty jam jars or wine bottles that have been cleaned out. Flowers that might look nice inside a jar include roses or carnations without the stem. Place them at the bottom of the jar facing out. Flowers like daffodils or sunflowers would look great inside the wine bottles. These would look fab as centerpieces on the table or scattered around the area.

Flower wall

A simple way of creating a flower wall would be to collect flowers such as Gerberas or Peonys and hang them from the wall. This can be done using some twine that is tied around each flower. Secure the top of the twine to the wall and attach each flower to it. Let them hang in a line down from the wall. This could also make a nice background for photos using some of our fun photobooth kits.


Combining balloons and flowers is always a great idea! A nice idea would be to blow up a balloon, attach a short piece of twine to the knot you tied and then attach flowers to the twine. Wrapping flowers like Heather, Snapdragon or Waxflowers around the twine would be a unique look that guests will love. These would also look fab in photos!

So get creative and make some stunning floral decor with our tips. A beautiful way to make this special occasion even more special.



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


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