Hen Night Good Luck Wishes

Hen Night Good Luck Wishes

Your friends have come from far and wide to be here at this amazing time. Whether you have some serious dancing and a night out on the town planned, or maybe taking a chance with that karaoke microphone – try squeeze in this activity, Hen Night Good Luck Wishes, to enhance those positive vibes!

Light a large candle or fire in an outdoor open space. Perfect if you are going to spending time in a garden or at the beach hen party. Pass around a few pieces of paper and ask your guests to take two pieces of paper each. Ask them to write down something special. One with their favourite memory with the bride-to-be and one with what they hope and wish for them for the future.

When everyone is finished gather up all of the messages and put into a bowl or hat. Each take turns pulling out messages and reading allowed. Try to guess who submitted what! Keep the memories and the wishes separate. The memories can be kept by the bride and the wishes can be burned for good luck!

Some guests will bring up the craziest memories ever and this is always good for a few giggles on a hen party weekend.

This super cute ceremony with bring laughter and tears. Quick and simple, everyone will respond to this unique hen party activity. Your closest friends will love sharing their memories and wishes with each other to make this time even more special. Plan a good luck wishing ceremony at that upcoming hen night to laugh and old memories and receive loads of good luck and wishes from your gang.



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What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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