Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

The Mr. & Mrs. quiz is such a popular hen party game but never seems to lose it charm. Before the Hen party, find a time that you can call the groom to be, have a list of questions that he has to answer and then at the party the bride to be will have to answer the same questions. If the bride to be answers incorrectly (which happens regularly) then she will have to do a forfeit of take a drink of her cocktail/shot etc.

This game is sure to have everyone in stitches, especially the bride to be as she realises how little she actually knows about the groom to be!

Examples of questions to use for the Mr. & Mrs. quiz:

  • What actor would play him in a movie?
  • What was the name of his first pet?
  • How often does he change his socks?
  • What actress does he fancy?
  • What’s his confirmation name?
  • What is his worst habit?
  • What according to him is the brides worst habit?

You will know the bride to be better than any of us so make sure to put in a few tricky questions or questions you know she’ll slip up on or get a good laugh.



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What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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