Pass The Parcel

Pass The Parcel

Pass The Parcel is a simple yet fun game that all guests will enjoy. Similar to what you may have played as a kid, this game is perfect for any hen party. Plus, each guest leaves with a small token.

To begin, simply wrap a selection of gifts and write a note that explains what the guest has to do on each. For example: “Don’t get a fright, pass to the right”. The parcels are passed around a certain number of times and then whoever it lands on gets to open it. It is up to the host whether these gifts are serious or joke presents. We think joke presents are a great idea that guests will love. Gifts such as our candy bra or obedience whistle are sure to get a few laughs and have everyone in a great mood.

Another great idea would be to write a dare on each parcel. If the guest refuses to complete the dare then they miss the turn and the parcel goes to the next guest. This game can also be created with a younger audience in mind with the dares and gifts being child friendly. Think teddy bears and sweets. No matter the age, this game is sure to be a hit.

Have fun at your hen party with this hilarious Pass The Parcel game.



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What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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