Photo Decor

Photo Decor

Looking for a fun way to personalise your hen party decor? Why not try some Photo Decor? Make the party extra special with this fab idea.

We have come up with three fab photo decor ideas that you are sure to love. Keep reading!


Framed collage

A framed collage is such a simple yet stunning decor idea. This would be lovely displayed on a table as guests arrive to the hen party. If you have the time and resources a great idea would be to create a few collages and scatter them around the room.

This collage is simple to make. Pick up a nice frame and gather your favourite photos of the bride and hens. Cut out and stick these photos to paper and insert into the frame. Guests will be able to view the photos through the glass. A nice alternative to this would be to get a wooden frame and display the photos by attaching them to twine. Wrap the twine around the frame and through a small hole on the photo. This would be perfect for a rustic or vintage style hen party.


Hanging photo display

Hanging photos are a stunning and unique decor idea. If the party is outdoors these photos can be hung from a tree using twine that attaches to the tree and through a hole in each photo. For a rustic feel, grab a large branch from your garden and use this to hang the photos from. Again this can be created using twine.


Jar display

This is a fab idea for an outdoors hen party. You can purchase clear jars in your supermarket or hang onto empty and clean jam jars. Simply place the photo inside the jar so the picture is facing out. This can be decorated by placing an LED light inside, sand or pebbles. The LED light would also be great for when the evening creeps in and it starts to get dark. Tying a piece of twine and adding a bow around the top of the jar would be a lovely addition.



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


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