Polka Dot Hen Party Theme

A polka dot hen party theme is one thing that we are absolutely “dotty” about here at thefancyhen.ie !! They’re a really fashionable trend at the moment and a real nod to 1950’s style fashion. So ladies with your hen party in mind why not opt for a polka dot hen party theme?

Now we know that when we mention themes it can conjure all sorts of ideas such as fancy dress and flashing lights. We know that this is not necessarily what you want for the hen party. However this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case! Themes can be very in keeping with stylish and classy hen parties too so a polka dot hen party theme is perfect for a classy theme!

So, when it comes to a polka dot hen party theme, how does it work? Well the simple answer is: any way you like!! Whether you decide to opt for a really strong theme and ask everyone to dress in polka dots or just have accents of the theme in terms of your accessories, either will work really well! Now, we would say when opting for outfits with polka dots think 1950’s rockabilly as opposed to 101 Dalmatians!!! We love polka dot halters with full skirts and a strong red lip. Or for something more casual go for a 50’s inspired outfit with a polka dot ribbon tied in a knot for your hair.

The options are endless! Accessorise with bunting and flags and use polka dot wine glasses for your drinks! There’s something really fresh and feminine about a polka dot hen party theme and it fits in really well with a sophisticated retro theme! A good idea is to colour block (which is another huge trend a the moment) so stick to a simple colour palette, for example the classic black and white or one we love is pink and black! And, for an extra glamorous touch, have your make up professionally applied to complete the look. Beauty Team Studios and Bouidoir Girls do great themed make overs and the hen party would look fab!

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What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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