12 Hens Of Christmas

By: Carol

12 Hens Of Christmas

A hen party during 12 pubs? What a great idea! Check out our fun 12 Hens Of Christmas ideas to have a night to remember (or forget)!

What is the 12 Hens Of Christmas?

This game is a great way to inject some fun into the 12 pubs of Christmas. Especially if you are combing it with a hen party! Really get in the Christmas spirit with some drinks and fun games. Even if you are not having a hen party, this is a really fun way of making the 12 pubs more interesting. If you are new to the whole 12 pubs experience here is a quick run down of what happens. You and your friends get dressed up in Christmas gear and go to 12 different pubs in one night. In each pub you must have one drink. Sounds simple right? It is until you add some rules into the mix…

If you are in need of some inspiration we have collected 12 different rules that the group must follow in each pub. Type or screenshot the list and bring it with you on the night. Each rule has to be followed in each pub. One pub, one rule. So throw on your Christmas jumpers, t-shirts and dresses and hats and head into town. Map out 12 different pubs that you want to visit so you are prepared for the night ahead! If you are celebrating in a small town and don’t have access to 12 pubs just visit them all twice! Simple! The great thing about hosting a hen party and 12 pubs together is that you get to enjoy both festivities at the same time. As everyone is home during the holidays it is also a brilliant way to get everyone together.

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The rules

  1. Left hand only – For this rule everyone in the group must only use their left hand to pick up their drink. This should be easy enough to achieve as this is the first drink. If any group member drinks with their right hand they will be punished. These punishments can vary from taking a shot, standing up and singing a tune, or whatever creative penalty you can come up with!
  2. No names – In the second pub you cannot say any group members name. Feel free to call them by their nickname or a funny made up name, but not their actual name. The same punishments apply.
  3. No pointing – It’s time for pub number 3! The rule in this pub is no pointing. This sounds easy but is surprisingly difficult. Think about the amount of times we have pointed at our friends in a pub when we need to get their attention, the bar is noisy or they start telling an embarrassing story about you!
  4. Over and out – This one is a little more tricky ladies. In pub 4 you must say the words “over and out” after each sentence. As you are on drink number four now, your memory may start to let you down. We can imagine that several punishments will be floating around in this pub!
  5. Accent round – Bring out your inner Ozzie, Jamaican or English accent in pub 5 for the accent round. Group members must only speak in these accents for the entire time they are there. This round always proves to be the best! Try and put a sentence together as you watch the girls laughing their heads off at you!
  6. Silent drinks – This is where it gets interesting ladies! Pub number 6 means no talking….yes you heard right, no talking. As you will be on your sixth drink this will get increasingly difficult. Especially for all those really chatty hens!
  7. Partner drinks – Pub 7 may be get messy ladies. However, it will be just as much fun we promise! Partner up for this round and sit together. You can only consume drink number 7 by your partner ‘feeding’ it to you. Keep your hands steady and pour the drink into your friends mouth whenever they ask. Try not to laugh too much ladies…you don’t want to wear your gin and tonic!
  8. No swearing – Now we know that ye are a polite bunch and no one swears….but after 8 drinks, you just might get a little bit more vocal! The rule in this pub is no swearing! Trust us, this one is difficult.
  9. ‘Fancy Hen’ cocktail – In this pub each group member or hen must order a fancy cocktail from the bar. Yum! The bar man may not appreciate it but this will be a nice treat after all your hard work so far….
  10. Selfie time – In pub number 10 each hen must take a selfie with a stranger. Find a willing member of the public who wouldn’t mind hopping in for cheesy picture. Lets be honest now ladies, we do this on most nights out anyway!
  11. Sing your words – Pub number 11 is where the group must sing instead of talk. Now, you may be slurring your words at this stage but give it your best shot. Sing everything you want to say instead of actually saying it. You may get some funny looks from the crowd but at this stage, you won’t care!
  12. Drink your water! – Take a break in pub number 12 and have a pint of water. Ideally a pint of water after three drinks will not only ease the sore head the next day but also help you continue the night for longer. It sounds boring but we want to make sure our fancy hens are still standing by the end of the night!

If you are new to 12 pubs we recommend pacing yourself or cutting down the number of pubs. Remember ladies, if you find a great pub and don’t want to head to the next one, don’t. The most important thing is that all the hens and bride-to-be have a safe and fun night!

So take this list with you when trying the 12 pubs this Christmas ladies. Look after one another and have a fab night!



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