Best Spa Treatments To Get Before The Hen Party Or Wedding

By: Carol

Best Spa Treatments To Get Before The Hen Party Or Wedding

Want to look and feel like a million dollars before the celebrations? Treat yourself and head to the spa. Check out our recommendations for the Best Spa Treatments To Get Before The Hen Party Or Wedding.

Ladies, the hen party and the wedding is one of the most important times in our lives. Every bride-to-be wants to turn heads whether they are walking down the aisle or walking into a dance class activity. After all, looking fantastic will help you feel fantastic! However, prepping can be overwhelming with so many treatments to choose from. How do you keep your skin clear? What to do with these nails? When is the best time to do all these treatments?

Of course healthy eating and exercise is an important part of this process (as much as we wish it wasn’t!), but it is also important to head to the spa for a little pampering. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

When visiting the spa it is important to make sure you schedule your treatments at the right time. To help with this we have come up with a simple time frame. This can be used on the lead up to the hen party, wedding or both.

6 months before:

Skin Consultation

Before you start your treatments it is important to get a skin consultation. I never thought about this until I watched the skin queen herself, Jennifer Rock from Jennifer has advised that everyone should see a beauty therapist that will give you professional advice on your skin. I think this is even more important on the lead up to a hen party or wedding to avoid any skincare related dilemmas. We tend to self diagnose ourselves when it comes to our skin without really knowing what we are talking about. I have definitely been guilty of this!

Custom Facial

After the consultation you should know what type of skin you have and how to treat any concerns. Discuss any custom facials you should get with the therapist and start as soon as possible. As we all have different skin types it is important to pick a treatment that is designed specifically for you. Personally, when I started a course of customised facials in Therapie Clinic, I instantly started seeing an improvement in my skin that I had never seen before.

3 months before:

Custom Facial

It is a good idea to continue the facials regularly until the big day. This, along with a good at home routine, should leave your skin glowing! It was recommended to me to go back every six weeks for a facial so about one a month should have you looking amazing before you say “I Do!”.

Hot Stone Massage

At this stage you are more than likely feeling the heat ladies. It is getting closer to the big day and the pressure is on. It is very important around now to take some time out for yourself – the last thing you need is stress getting the better of you. Gather all your hens together and head off for a hot stone massage. This is the perfect treatment to loosen any tight muscles and help you completely relax. Our brand ambassador Elvira recently enjoyed a hot stone massage in the Maryborough Hotel in Cork and loved every minute of it. The best way to unwind!

Week before:

Custom facial

Make sure you get one last facial in before the celebrations begin ladies. As this is close to your hen party or wedding, keep the facial gentle. Opt for a regular facial designed to deeply cleanse the skin and help you relax overall. With this type of facial you should avoid any redness afterwards. I personally find my skin dry and sensitive for a few days after a facial like a chemical peel and this is not what you need before walking down the aisle ladies!


Make sure you are fuzz free for the special occasion and get all your waxing done a week beforehand. This will ensure that your skin is super smooth and you have enough time for any redness to go down. We just love the love of the Waxperts salon in Dublin. A good idea would be to book in and get everything waxed in one day. Yes, this may not be a pleasant experience but no pain no gain after all ladies!

Day before:

Mani – Pedi

There is something about having perfectly polished nails that makes us all feel more glamorous. It can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Make sure those nails are in tip top shape by getting a manicure and pedicure the day before the wedding. There are a few different types of manicure to choose from so decide which one suits you best. A basic manicure is simply filing the nail and using a polish of your chosen colour. Although this is more affordable there is a bigger risk of chipping – a huge no-no on your special day! I believe that the best manicure is a gel manicure. It is a long lasting polish that will see you from the alter to the honeymoon. Perfect!



So the hen party or wedding is complete and you are wrecked! What next? The best thing to rejuvenate your tired body is to get a massage. If your other half is just as tired as you, why not get a couples massage? After hosting a big celebration for all your friends and family, you deserve it! ‘The Essential’ Deep Tissue Massage in The Shelbourne Dublin sounds like the perfect way to round off this exciting (and sometimes stressful) time of your life. This chakra balancing massage should help ease any tension from your body and mind. Bliss!

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