Classy Hen Party in Kilkenny

By: claire

Thinking of a classy hen party in Kilkenny? Well this is a location with a lot of class and a lot to do. Kilkenny is one of the oldest cities in Ireland so with a lot of history, it also has a lot of great restaurants and bars. And, it’s also home of the famous Kilkenny Castle which is really quite a sight to see.

As far as activities go, Kilkenny has got it all. If the bride and her hen party guests are the creative type and fancy themselves as singers, they can record a CD. This is a unique hen party activity where the hen party guests can sing to the backing track of a song of their choice and get a cd copy of it. What better way to commemorate the hen party than this. You can also take a lot of photographs of the recording session, making the bride feel like a real star on the day.

For that real classy activity, head to a Spa and avail of all the beauty treatments your heart desires. From facials and massages to beauty and exfoliating treatments, the entire hen party guests will be relaxed and beautified for the night ahead. And nothing says sophisticated like a champagne lunch at a classy hotel to follow. This will pass a leisurely afternoon for the hen party guests and really adds that touch of glamour to the day. Kilkenny has many gorgeous hotels with The Lyrath Estate Hotel and Mount Juliet to name a few. So, you will definitely be spoiled for choice when having your classy hen party in Kilkenny. has a lot of great activities available for your classy hen party in Kilkenny including Make Up Classes, Paint a Nude Classes, Cocktail Classes, Vintage Tea Parties and much more. The bride will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking her ideal hen party activity. You can even have multiple activities for the classy hen party in Kilkenny. So, if a vintage tea party and recording a CD are ideal for your hen party, we can tailor the hen party to fit both these activities in.

Kilkenny is a really popular destination for hen parties. With so many great activities, and bars and restaurants to choose from, you will be guaranteed a classy hen party in Kilkenny to remember. For more information on all of our hen party activites in Kilkenny email



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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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