Classy Hen Party Nice Ideas

By: claire

Now that you have discovered, organising the classy hen party should be a doddle! However we don’t want you to have just an ordinary event – we want to help you create something spectacular for the bride to be! So once all the big items in the classy hen party are sorted, its time to get down to the little details. Some nice touches that will create a truly memorable experience for the bride to be!

By adding a few surprises that you know the bride to be will love creates a fantastic atmosphere. And it shows how much thought you have put into the event! Here are just a few of our favourite nice touches for the classy hen party that we know are always appreciated by the bride to be!

1: Kiss Frame. This is a lovely idea and is guaranteed to make the bride to be smile! Simply take an A3 piece of paper and wearing your favourite lippy let everyone place a big smooch on it. Simply laminate and frame it and present to the bride at some stage of the party! Its fun for everyone to make and for the bride to guess whose kiss is whose! And, it’s the perfect classy hen party memento!

2: Photo Placemat. Again, a little preparation is involved in this one but not too much! Take your favourite picture of the bride to be or make a collage of photos of her down through the years and laminate it. These can be used as placemats at the meal. Imagine her surprise as she sits down and sees herself looking up from the table! This always gets a laugh and it’s great to reminisce as you check out all the fashion faux pas over the years! The added bonus is that it can be kept as a keepsake! offer some fantastic photo placemats and coasters that the bride will love.

3: Radio Request: This is the simplest of all to organise but can have a huge impact! Just place a request for a song that you know is personal to the bride to be and get the D.J to announce that you are all on route to the party. It’s a great way to get everyone in the party mood especially if you are all travelling together! It’s also a nice little surprise for the bride to be at her classy hen party!

4: Personalised Gifts: This is a wonderful way to add a little personal detail to the classy hen party. Why not organise to have some items personalised for the bride to be. A lovely classy idea is to have a dressing grown and slippers embroidered with the bride’s name which she can wear as she gets ready for the evening. Or, for a bit of fun get a t-shirt personalised with a funny picture of the groom or the bride (or both!), you can even get it framed! Check out our online shop for some great ideas!

As you can see ladies any of the above ideas are really easy to organise and are a great addition to any classy hen party! It’s the little details that will personalise the hen party for the bride to be and are sure to make her feel really special!



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

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