Cleanse Off Mitt

By: Carol

Cleanse Off Mitt

Ladies, we all long for a quick and easy skincare routine right? Well, we recently tested out the Cleanse Off Mitt to see if it does just that. Keep reading for all the details.

One thing I despise the most is cleansing my face before going to bed. All I want to do is glue myself to the couch and binge on Netflix. No effort required please! So my heart skipped a beat when I heard of the Cleanse Off Mitt by Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd. If you haven’t heard of the Cleanse Off Mitt…well, where have you been?! This little mitt is taking over the skincare world and I wanted to find out why.

The Low Down

The Cleanse Off Mitt is basically designed to replace face wipes, which we have all been warned against ladies. It aims to take off all traces of make up, including mascara, using just the mitt and warm water. Sounds too good to be true really! This mitt is reusable and apparently lasts up to three months if looked after properly. After each cleanse Jennifer recommends cleaning the mitt using antibacterial soap and air drying. You can also pop it into the washing machine on a low heat once a week.

My thoughts

I bought into the hype and picked up the Cleanse Off Mitt a few weeks ago for just €5.95 – bargain! Now I don’t normally wear too much make up during the day apart from a bit of BB Cream, concealer and powder. On a night out however, I do dabble in contouring, highlighting, the works. Coming home after a long day or night, the last thing I want to do is face into my skincare routine. Especially since I have been told numerous times that I shouldn’t be using face wipes because they are so bad for our skin. Oh the effort!

Honestly, my thoughts about this product are two fold. I was very skeptical when I heard that this mitt apparently removes all make up with just water. I thought this simply cannot be true. And it isn’t. The first time I used it I wet the mitt with warm water and gently rubbed over my face. Straight away I did see my make up coming off. When it came to taking off my mascara however, this was a bit more difficult. It wasn’t coming off as easily and I felt like I had to scrub even more, which I don’t like to do around my eye.

Once I was finished using the mitt I decided to test if my make up (minus the mascara) was really all gone by wiping a cotton pad and Micellar Cleansing Water over my face. When I was finished there was still make up on the cotton pad. I was honestly expecting this but seeing as it is advertised as being able to remove all make up, I said I would check for myself.

Apart from this criticism, the Cleanse Off Mitt has honestly made my cleansing routine easier. Using the mitt with warm water removes about 80% of my make up. It doesn’t remove every last bit of it, particularly the mascara, but it does a pretty good job as a pre-cleanse. I would recommend using your normal cleanser after the mitt to give your face a thorough clean.

The mitt also feels quite nice on the skin. It feels like it is gently exfoliating my face without being too harsh. The biggest benefit I have found is that I use less of my normal cleanser. As the mitt is removing the majority of my make up I don’t need to use as much of my normal face wash afterwards. This means I save more money – ideal!

Overall, I think this is a great product. However, I don’t believe it should be advertised as removing all make up including mascara as it didn’t do this for me. I still use it today as a pre-cleanse when taking off make up or just to remove any oil or sweat from my face in the evening. This mitt would definitely come in handy after a long night of celebrations for the Hen Party!

Where To Buy: Some places where you can pick up the mitt is the Cleanse Off Mitt website, Cloud 10 Beauty or these stockists.

Price: €5.95

Worth It?: Yes. But don’t rely solely on this to cleanse your face.

Fancy Review Score: 7/10

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