Different Bride Types On The Hen Weekend

By: Rob

Different Bride Types On The Hen Weekend

Whatever happens on your Hen Party weekend all comes down to what type of bride-to-be you are so we have put together Different Bride Types On The Hen Weekend.
The world has many different types of brides but ladies, we want to know the best that describes you or your bride-to-be!

The Princess

You will never have to remind The Princess that it’s “her” Hen or “her” big day, trust us when we say she already knows!

These brides crave attention and sometimes forgets the little tiny details such as the overall budget…

The D.I.Y. Bride

This bride will be determined to make as much as possible at home, and if it can’t be made then it will be bought second hand.

Step aside everyone and relax, the D.I.Y. bride has got the wedding all under control!


The Antsy Bride

What if the guests don’t come? What if it rains? Will it be entertaining? What if something spills on my dress? … In the Brides mind, something is going to wrong at some stage!
The Antsy Bride expects the whole thing is going to be a disaster, even though everything is organised to the smallest detail and has even been checked twice! The lead up to Hen Party weekend won’t be any different. These days will be spent thinking about things that could go wrong. (But her mind will be at ease when she goes on the hen and experiences one of our fantastic Fancy Hen Party weekends!)

The Bridezilla

The most common of all the Bride types! The Bridezilla wants it all and she wants it now!
Make sure not to get on her wrong side no matter if you’re the bridesmaid, friend, mother, and definetely not the groom! Most likely to scream at any minute, can be a little demanding at times and if you don’t co-operate you will be sorry..

The Anti-Hen

If you are expecting anything traditional about the hen weekend or even the wedding just forget it now!

This wedding is going to be querky and unique. And the Hen Party weekend is going to be no different. This Bride makes sure her Hen Party and Wedding will be nothing like what you see in the magazines or movies.

The Techy Bride

This type of Bride will have her wedding pics up online before she’s even walked back down the aisle! And the same goes for the Hen Party.

Let’s be honest, this bride will have the pictures of the Hen on Instagram and Facebook before the hangover even sets in Sunday morning. This meaning the girls won’t even have time to realize what madness they got up to and the pictures will be seen by everyone. This Bride-to-be is a big fan of keeping an excel sheet, everything recorded and has everyone’s rota typed and laminated!


There you have it ladies, they are the Different Bride Types On The Hen Weekend. Would this remind you of anyone you know? xx

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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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