#FANCYREVIEWS: The Best Body Oils Of 2017

By: Carol

#FANCYREVIEWS: The Best Body Oils Of 2017

Ladies, nothing beats a sun kissed glow on the hen party or wedding. Join us for this weeks #FANCYREVIEWS: The Best Body Oils Of 2017.

Your hen party look should include a stunning glow ladies! And not just the blinding highlight on your cheek bones! We are talking about shimmer on the rest of your body. You can never have enough…let’s be honest! We have come across some gorgeous body oils recently and we simply had to share. These oils will give you a pretty glow, compliment your tan perfectly and make you smell incredible! What more could you need?!

Where Do You Put A Body Oil?

Body oils can be put wherever you desire ladies. It is designed to highlight and brighten certain areas of your body so ultimately you decide where it goes. The most popular places would be the legs, collar bones and even your cheek bones. A good tip is to put it down the center of your shins to give the illusion of toned legs. It brightens the front of the leg making the rest look slimmer. Ideal! The trick here is not to overdo it. If you are putting the oil on your legs then maybe don’t put it on your arms. You don’t want to look like a disco ball now do you?! Or maybe you do! These oils also look fantastic over a tan. You will be glowing and look like you just stepped off a beach in Marbella. Dreamy!

Below I have picked three of my favourite body oils ranging in different prices whether you want to keep it cheap or treat yourself! Keep reading.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil – Brown Thomas (€85) 

The Tom Ford body oil is so popular it is currently out of stock online! Now that is always a good sign isn’t it? One thing I loved about this body oil is how light weight it is. Sometimes when we think about body oils we assume that it will sit on the skin and feel horrible. This was not the case! It glided on my skin beautifully and it wasn’t heavy. I even forgot I had put it on a few times! I also adore the scent of this oil. The floral and amber-sandalwood smell is stunning and I was getting compliments galore. As this is a shimmering oil it looked fantastic as a highlighter for the body. I applied it to my legs and my collarbone and it looked fantastic.

Fancy Review Score: 8/10


Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Dry Body Oil – Brown Thomas (€64)

You cannot beat Jo Malone London ladies. The scents are incredible! This Oud & Bergamot Oil is no exception. Jo Malone have so many different scents in store but this one was my favourite. It is not too overpowering and lasts a good few hours. Just like the Tom Ford body oil it was quite comfortable to wear and wasn’t heavy on the skin. The only thing this oil lacks is the shimmer. It gives the skin a nice shine but lacks the wow factor that you would get from the Tom Ford oil or the Cocoa Brown oil below. Saying this, it smelled amazing and left my skin incredibly soft! This would be a nice everyday oil to apply to keep the skin hydrated and keep you smelling amazing all day.

Fancy Review Score: 7/10

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil – Cloud 10 Beauty (€11.95)

The Cocoa Brown Goddess Oil is a fantastic option for those on more of a budget. This oil will definitely give you the wow factor ladies. Once applied you get an instant glow and shimmer. This is fabulous along the shins, on the collarbone and as a highlighter on the cheek bones. I have used this a lot over different tans and it simply makes everything look better! I actually get a nice healthy glow with or without tan when I use this product. The only downside is that this oil doesn’t smell as nice as the Tom Ford or the Jo Malone. It is mainly designed to achieve that pretty glow. And that it certainly does!

Fancy Review Score: 6/10

Final Note

So there you have it ladies, my favourite picks when it comes to body oils. There are several different options out there depending on your budget. However, you do get what you pay for. The more pricey body oils have pretty much everything you need; moisturising, shimmery glow and beautiful scents.

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