#FANCYREVIEWS: Dyson Hairdryer – Worth It?

By: Carol

#FANCYREVIEWS: Dyson Hairdryer – Worth It?

We have all heard about the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer ladies. It is said to be an absolute must have when it comes to styling hair. Keep reading to find out if this is actually true in this weeks #FANCYREVIEWS: Dyson Hairdryer – Worth It?

So first of all, I was a bit nervous about buying a Dyson. It actually took me several months to finally pluck up the courage to spend that kind of money on a hair dryer! I had justified it in about fifty different ways. Recently when I was flying home from a hen in London I spotted it in Heathrow and it was calling my name! It was also a bit cheaper than buying it at home so I was very tempted. After a phone call to my Mum and about twenty minutes justifying the spend again, I finally bought it.

What does it claim to do?

Dyson claims it should reduce drying time by a third and also that your hair will be sleeker and in better condition from using it. They say the air flow travels at 105 mph for fast drying. They also claim that the hairdryer measures air temperature 20 times a second which prevents damage and makes the hair super shiny.  I was so excited to bring the Dyson home.

How much does it cost?

As I previously mentioned, I picked up the Dyson hairdryer in duty free so it was a bit cheaper. It is normally €399. Spending this much on a hairdryer would raise anyone’s blood pressure! Hence why it took me a good while to actually purchase it. However, what I didn’t save in money I was hoping I would save in time.

What is the packaging and product like?

It’s nice! Like all Dyson products it looks slick and sleek. Along with the hairdryer, it comes with magnetic attachments that are designed to smooth out your hair. One small gripe I had was that these can come off a little easier than a normal hairdryer. Inside the box you also get a mat to rest the hairdryer on and a diffuser. I’m a girl that likes her hair straight so I don’t use the diffuser. The hairdryer itself looks very modern and different to your usual hairdryer. It is much smaller and doesn’t have the big motor at the back. Something I also love about it is that it’s nice and light. We have all been there…getting a cramp in your arm from holding up the hairdryer! Some slick silver buttons at the back allow you control speed and temperature. I’m all about getting my hair done fast so I don’t really change these much – they are both on max!

What were the first impressions?

So I have really thick hair. It takes me 20-25 minutes to dry my hair from wet and I then also need to spend another 15-20 mins straightening it (how did we cope before GHD’s). And even then, if there is a touch of moisture in the air I am back to frizz in a matter of seconds. To be honest, the very first time I tried the Dyson I was a bit frustrated as I was expecting it to be a lot faster. However after a quick google, I realised that I needed to change the way I think about drying my hair even down to how I hold the hairdryer. The second time I used it I held it closer to my head and facing straight rather than to the side like I normally would. The Dyson does not burn your head or hair when you hold it close. But once I did, it changed everything! My hair took a matter of minutes to dry and was smooth and sleek!


I just love it. When GHD’s came out they changed my life. I wouldn’t go quite as far as that with the Dyson but it’s still a game changer for me. As I said before, my hair would normally take 20-25 minutes to dry. With the Dyson it now takes 10-11 minutes! It definitely leaves my hair glossy, far more than if I was using a regular dryer. Another thing to point out is that I would usually have to use heat protection spray before I start blow drying. Since I started using the Dyson I don’t have to add these products to my hair anymore. If I do, my hair can get too limp. This also means that I am saving money. Hallelujah! I still use my hair straightener at times but not as much. More to shape it than tame it.

Overall the Dyson absolutely dries my hair much faster than my normal hairdryer. My hair feels smooth after I use it. It can take a while to get used to if you have been using a traditional hairdryer for years. Once you get used to it however, it really is great. I don’t think it will have the same impact as the advent of the GHD but for me it was worth the spend. Maybe not so much for someone with fine and very manageable hair but for those that dread their blow dry, I would definitely recommend it. We are very excited to try out some hen party hairstyles with the Dyson!

Where To Buy: Some places you can pick up the Dyson hairdryer include the Dyson website, Harvey Normans and Boots.

Price: €399

Worth It?: Yes! It is difficult to part with that kind of money but it really is worth it. Your hair and your sanity will thank you!

Fancy Review Score: 9/10 – the attachments come off easily at times and also it takes a while to get used to using

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