#FancyReviews: My Opinion On The Instyler

By: Carol

#FancyReviews: My Opinion On The Instyler

#FancyReviews: My Opinion On The Instyler. Finding it difficult to style your hair for a special occasion? See how I got on when I tried the Instyler. 

What is the Instyler?

The Instyler is a two way rotation hot iron. On one side is the barrel and the other side is the brush. The Instyler is said to create so many different looks from straight to curly and full of volume. The barrel apparently creates volume and curl and the brush helps the hair become more straight and sleek. As well as rotating, the barrel can turn both left and right. To change the direction, you click the barrel and brush together twice. Impressive right? This is perfect for when you are using it on different sides of your head so it rotates in the natural direction of your hair. The Instyler I picked up is the Instyler Max with the two way rotating iron. I decided to pick up this particular one because I heard so many good things.


  • Straightens
  • Curls
  • Polishes
  • Adds volume
  • Reduces frizz
  • Less damage


The Instyler MAX comes in a black box with one side clear plastic so you can see inside. Here you can see the Instyler itself. Inside the box is also a glove and a removable cool tip to hold so you don’t burn your fingers and a heat resistant mat to place it on. On the barrel side you can adjust the temperature of the tool. There are four heat settings; 200/180/160/140. I normally keep it in the middle at around 180/160. The cord on the Instyler is quite long which is handy whether you are keeping it at home or bringing it out. There is nothing worse than trying to stretch the cord to a mirror!

Different looks:


One of the looks The Instyler is designed to create is curls. This is created with the help of both the barrel and the brush. The aim is to twist the hair around the barrel, close the clamp and gently and slowly turn the Instyler before releasing the hair. However, I have never really got the hang of this. The curls very rarely come out and I am often left with just a very slight wave. I love soft beachy waves but it takes a few try’s before I can actually achieve it. I normally use my GHD when I want to create curls and I find this generally easy. As the Instyler is quite large, I actually find it difficult to twist it around my hair. This could possibly be easier for those with longer hair but it isn’t for me.


The Instyler is also designed to straighten and smooth the hair. The rotating barrel continuously straightens the hair and the brush, again, makes the hair nice and smooth. This tool is actually fantastic to straighten hair. It also leaves the hair looking really glossy and healthy. The shape of the barrel ensures that the ends of the hair turn slightly in. This is very important to me ladies! Having short hair sometimes means that the ends of my hair have a mind of their own. They tend to flick out in all directions no matter how many times I straighten them with the GHD. When I use the Instyler however, they slightly curl in and they stay put too. Perfect!


One thing that the Instyler does best is create volume. My hair can look quite flat so this is a god sent for me. To create this volume I don’t actually have to do much. Simply running it through my hair, starting at the roots, does the trick. The volume normally goes quicker on the roots than it does in the rest of my hair. However, this is normally the way with most hairstyles. Products like hairspray usually keep things in place for longer.

Time Frame

When I attempt to curl my hair, it takes me ages. It definitely takes longer than it would with the GHD. I have been using the GHD to curl my hair for years so it has become second nature to me now. When I straighten my hair with the Instyler however, it takes very little time. And this I love! It makes my hair smooth and gives it volume in a few minutes flat.

My Final Thoughts

  • Takes a while to get used to

I found that it does take a while to get used to using the Instyler. As I am so used to using a GHD to both curl and straighten my hair, this took a while to get the hang of. The tool itself is larger and you have to hold it a specific way to get the results you want. Practice definitely makes perfect here.

  • Not great to create curls

On my short hair I find it difficult to create curls with the Instyler. However, this could be different for people with long hair. I don’t have a lot of hair to wrap around the barrel and the barrel is quite large. Because of this, I end up with great volume but often no curls. I would definitely need a smaller barrel. To create curls I still go back to my GHD and then in with the Instyler to create more volume.

Fancy Score

Where To Buy: I picked up the Instyler in store in Boots. You can also purchase it on Boots.ie.

Price: On Boots.ie it is currently on offer for €104.99

Worth It?: Yes, I think the Instyler is worth the purchase but it definitely takes practice. Once you get the hang of it however, it can be a really good product. I think that it also depends on what looks you are going for. If you have short hair like myself but want to achieve curls, this may not be the tool for you. If you want straight and volumized hair created quickly, then definitely yes. It all depends on what your end goal is.

Fancy Review Score: 7/10

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