#FancyReviews: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

By: Carol

#FancyReviews: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Do the new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks actually ‘stay matte’? Find out in this weeks #FancyReviews: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

I have seen the new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks around for a few weeks now. This lipstick claims to be a matte lipstick that is full coverage and is “kiss-proof, touch-proof and waterproof”. Now we all know this kind of lipstick is difficult to come by ladies. A matte lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips and stays put all day?! I had to see it to believe it. A host of influencers had tried and loved this product so I was very intrigued.

Lets Put It To The Test

So this week, TheFancyHen.ie team were in Dublin for a trip to the very cool Goss.ie office. I also thought this was the perfect time to really put this product to the test. A full day of running around, eating and endless cups of tea…if it was really as good as they say, this would prove it to me.

The Shades I Bought

The two shades I decided to try out were;

  • Latte To Go (710)
  • Rose & Shine (210)

The shade that I decided to really test out on the day was the 710 Latte To Go. This is a really nice nude colour that would be perfect for a day time look. As my make up on the day was very subtle I thought this shade would be perfect. To check out how I got on with this shade watch our Dublin Vlog below.

The Application

Before applying this lipstick I put on a little lip balm and let that soak in completely. This was to make sure my lips were nice and smooth and not chapped to make the application easier. The lipstick went on nicely and looked matte without being too drying. As I was using a nude colour I didn’t apply any lip liner and it still went on perfectly. I would suggest using a lip liner with the Rose & Shine shade. I didn’t but to make sure it goes on neatly I would suggest using a similar liner. Especially if you are heading off to a hen party or wedding…nobody wants a wonky lip colour on a special occasion!

How They Feel On The Lips Initially

The lipstick actually felt lovely on my skin. It went on very like a liquid and dried matte within a few seconds. This lipstick wasn’t dry or sticky like a lot of matte lipsticks can be and this was a huge relief for me. It was almost like I put it on and forgot it was on, as if I had put nothing on my lips in the first place. This was great! No cakey lipstick, no hair getting stuck in the gloss, just colour and no fuss.

After Eating And Drinking

The first thing I had after applying the lipstick was tea in a takeaway cup. The product had transferred only so slightly onto the lid of the cup as I had just applied it before drinking. This was still pretty impressive as it was so fresh. For lunch we popped into Boojum (yum) and this was the ultimate test. If a lipstick can stay on while eating messy, Mexican food and drinking from a water bottle, it is most definitely a keeper. Once I was finished my food I popped into the bathroom to check the damage. I was delighted to see the majority of the lipstick was still in tact. I will go with 99% still there…amazing, right ladies??

How Long Before My First Top Up

So on this day I had applied the lipstick at about 8am. I then reapplied it at about 3pm as it was starting to come off a small bit. It actually held up really well all day even after eating and drinking. The place where it started to come off the most was near the inside of my bottom lip so this is where I focused the reapplication. I didn’t need to touch my top lip that much at all which was really impressive. The shade Rose & Shine lasted even longer on my lips. Even when it started to fade it just looked like a softer version of when I first applied it.

End Of Day Result

Overall, I was very pleased with this new Rimmel lipstick collection. Personally I hate the feeling of wearing a lipstick as it normally feels sticky and can sometimes dry out your lips. Because of this I normally stick to lip balm that makes my lips feel smooth and moisturized all the time. When wearing the new Rimmel lipsticks, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on them at all. They last ages even when you have eaten, had some tea/coffee etc. It doesn’t last the entire day of course but it lasts longer than any lipstick I have tried before. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

Fancy Review Score: 9/10

Where To Buy: Boots

Cost: €7.99

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