#FancyReviews: River Island Molly Jeans

By: Carol

#FancyReviews: River Island Molly Jeans

Looking for the perfect pair of jeans? Aren’t we all! Check out one of my favourite brands in this weeks #FancyReviews: River Island Molly Jeans.

Hate jean shopping just like I do?! Even thinking about it is stressing me out! Jeans have to be the one item of clothing that is difficult to get right. Most of the time I can head into the shops and pick up a top or coat for example, without trying them on. This is never the case with jeans however. You almost have to dedicate your entire shopping trip to finding a decent pair of jeans. It’s a mission not for the faint hearted ladies. So when I had almost given up on jeans altogether, I headed into River Island one day with my fingers, toes and everything else crossed. This is when I came across Molly jeans.

What are Molly jeans?

Heaven ladies…they are heaven! But really….on the River Island website this is how they describe the Molly jeans;

“The Molly jeans are our softest jeans made from 4-way stretch fabric and featuring a mid-rise. Suitable for any occasion, our most known and loved jegging is right on-trend for the season ahead.”

The pair that I have

When I first tried on the molly jeans, I fell in love. So I bought two pairs of the same style…of course! When you find the one, you don’t let it go ladies! The pair I picked up were the Mid Blue Skinny Molly Jeggings. I initially went into River Island just looking for a better quality pair and just grabbed one that I liked to try on. Ladies, you should have seen me in the dressing room! Mouth open, couldn’t stop looking at them…I was really impressed.

The styles

There are a few different styles in the Molly range. Theses include skinny, ripped, mid rise, lace up front and even pearl hems. The pearl hems are so cute! Another great thing about this collection is that they cater to all different shapes and sizes from skinny jeans to petite to plus size and they all look great! No matter what size you are I would highly recommend popping into River Island to try on a few pairs.

The colours

The colours in this collection include your standard colours such as black, blue, black washed, blue grey, bright blue, dark blue, white, grey and more. I adore the wide variety of colour so you have something to please everyone. There is even more stand-out colours such as yellow and orange. Stunning if you are looking for something different.

The fit

The fit is amazing! I have always had the same problem with other jeans;

  • They lose shape after wearing them for a few hours, particularly around areas like the knees and the bum.
  • The waist fits perfectly but the length is wrong, or vice versa.
  • The colour fades.

I am still in shock that the Molly jeans do not do any of these! I love the Mid Blue Skinny Molly jeans for the following reasons;

  • The never lose shape throughout the day
  • They are mid rise so slightly suck in the stomach for a more flattering look
  • Both the length and waist are a perfect fit
  • The colour is still the same even though I wash them more often than I probably should…
  • They are skinny yet comfortable. A great combination. Comfort is key!

Another fantastic thing about these jeans is how versatile they can be. I wear these in the office most days but can also wear them on a night out. Even ‘out-out’ ladies! Wear them with a pair of runners or sandles for day time and then pop on a pair of heels or boots when you are heading out. Whether you are wearing a big fluffy jumper or a sparkly crop top, this jeans are ideal! This is fantastic if you have a long hen party weekend ahead of you. Save time and wear these jeans to easily take your outfit from day to night!

Do you have any of the Molly range from River Island ladies? Let us know your thoughts or if you have any other favourites on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram.



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