#FancyReviews: The Answer To Fuller Brows

By: Carol

#FancyReviews: The Answer To Fuller Brows

Ladies, we all know that a good brow shape completes a make-up look. But how do we achieve this and what products do we use? This week I share my all time favourite brow tools from Benefit on #FancyReviews: The Answer To Fuller Brows. Stay tuned!


Over the last few years eyebrows have become something of a phenomenon. Everyone has their signature look but fuller brows have clearly taking over in everyday life and on the big screen. When your eyebrows look good, you look good ladies. Even when I am wearing no make up at all, I always make sure to fill in my brows. It shapes the face and can really transform your entire look.


We have seen so many different eyebrow trends over the years. Some a bit scarier than others….The 1980s saw a trend not so different from todays. The bigger was definitely the better. Celebrities like Brooke Shields rocked a full and natural brow that may have needed to be plucked…but still managed to look super glamorous! This look is seen today on the likes of Cara Delevingne who’s eyebrows have become famous all on their own. Then the 1990’s arrived and we all decided to pluck them within an inch of their lives. In 2005/2006 our eyebrows started to come back to life. They began to get fuller and the arch became more defined. We were finally getting something right. They are natural but still tidy with any stray hairs plucked away.

Benefit Brows

There have been so many new products brought out lately to help achieve the perfect brow. Benefit have been one of the champions of the perfect brow and have been my favourites so far. From pencils to gels to highlighters, they have everything to make those brows full and fabulous even if you weren’t intended that way. Below are some Benefit products that I have fallen in love with.

My Picks

Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil – €26

The Goof Proof Eyeliner Pencil does exactly what it says on the tin. This little gem helps you smooth, fill in and shape your brows easily. You get the eyebrow pencil on one end and the spoolie brush in one and it really does do the trick! I usually use the spoolie brush first to smooth out my eyebrows before filling them in. I outline the brow with the pencil and then fill it in. If I find that I have gone a little too heavy handed in one area, I then go back in with the spoolie brush to blend it out. Hey Presto! This is definitely the easiest brow product I have found in a long time. I would recommend it for beginners but also anyone looking for a quick fix.

Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel – €26

The Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel is a handy product to have to keep those brow hairs under control. This is a tinted gel that you apply with a spoolie brush. It fills in the brow while also making sure they are smooth. Fly away brows are not a good look ladies! I normally use this after shaping and filling in my brows with the Goof Proof pencil above. I only use a small amount to slightly darken the brow and smooth it out. When I use this product my brows don’t budge for the entire day! They stay in perfect shape until I take off my make up before heading to bed. Perfect!

Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit – €35

The Brow Zings kit is the first Benefit product I purchased. This kit comes with an eyebrow powder and wax, a mini tweezers and a double sided applicator. I had previously used a different powder and wax product for my brows so I decided to go for a similar one because I was used to it. This little kit is so handy as it comes with a tweezers. How many times does the tweezers goes missing ladies? This is perfect as you can keep everything together and simply pop it into your bag. I am now more used to the pencil but this was a great starter kit for me. I apply the powder first to my brow and then the wax to set it.

High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter – €24

The Highlighter Pencil is a new addition to my make up bag. I never really thought about using a product like this because I didn’t think there was much point. One day however, I thought I would give it a go! This pencil is designed to accentuate your brow arch and apparently give you younger looking eyes…won’t say no to that! I found this great to tidy up my brow after applying the other products. It could also be used just as you would use a separate highlighter; on the cheek bones, cupids bow, bridge of the nose and brow bone. It gives a stunning glow.

Benefit Brow Bar

Benefit also offer numerous services in their brow bars around the country. They offer brow styling, brow waxing, brow mapping and brow tinting. You will be looking like a million dollars ladies! You can find these stores in Ireland here.

Where To Buy: You can pick up all these Benefit brow products in any Brown Thomas store or on the Brown Thomas website. 

Worth It?: Yes, I definitely think that Benefit is worth a look when picking up your next brow products. They are not as cheap as the ones you could pick up in your local pharmacy but they are so worth it. These products usually last me a good while also so I get value for my money. The Gimme Brow Gel for example has lasted me ages now as I only use a small amount. Don’t skimp on the eyebrows ladies!

Fancy Review Score:

  • Goof Proof Pencil 9/10
  • Gimme Brow Gel 8/10
  • Brow Zings 8/10
  • Brow Highlighter 7/10

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