#FancyTrends: 4 Reasons To Unplug Yourself

By: Carol

#FancyTrends: 4 Reasons To Unplug Yourself

Feel like your head is fried? Sometimes we all need to escape the madness. See how you can too on this weeks #FancyTrends: 4 Reasons To Unplug Yourself.

What it means to ‘unplug’ ourselves

Nowadays we rely so much on technology and the internet for so many different things. It does have some great benefits; to stay in touch with family and friends, to work, to watch our favourite television shows and so much more. We always have our mobile phones or laptops in arms reach. But is it healthy to be in a constant state of tweeting, tagging and snapping?

Well, to answer that question you need to ask yourself some. How do you feel when you leave your mobile phone at home? On edge? Feel like you are missing out? Then yes, you might need to ‘unplug’ from time to time. I myself am guilty of this. One day when I left my phone at home and I kept reaching my hand out to look at this imaginary phone on my desk only to remember that I didn’t have it…terrible I know! I felt like I was missing out on something exciting or some juicy gossip. Well, surprise surprise, I had a whole two messages and one Facebook notification when I eventually got it in my hands.

Sometimes we all need a digital detox ladies. If you feel like you are in need of this detox, keep reading to hear my tips on how to do just that. I have compiled a list of four reasons why we should unplug and tips on how to do so.

  • Helps you stay in the moment

Ever been with close ones who are glued to their phones? Ever been this person yourself? Be honest! Not only are you irritating the people you are with but you are missing out on valuable quality time with these people. In a busy world we often don’t get time to catch up and actually speak to face to face. Don’t waste these rare occasions by having your phone glued to your hand.

Tip: I love the idea of everyone putting their phone face down in the middle of the table when meeting friends or family. No one is allowed touch their phone. Even better, put them in the corner of the room to really avoid temptation. In case of emergency, designate one person to quickly check the phones every few hours. Emphasis on the quickly…

  • Helps you sleep

Ladies, we all sit in bed scrolling through our phones or watching episode after episode on Netflix before finally deciding to go to sleep. I have often done this only to find my mind racing and unable to sleep for ages. The more I try and get to sleep, the more I don’t. How frustrating!

Tip: Spend at least half an hour before you go to bed without anything digital. Read a book, have a bath or meditate. Another great tip is to avoid associating looking at your phone or laptop with your bed. Keep your bed purely for sleeping so your mind registers that it is time to turn off and sleep. An even better idea would be make your room digital free, keeping all technology outside.

  • Improves physical and mental health

We realise just how much time we have when we don’t spend time on our devices. This time can be filled with looking after our health both physical and mental. Scrolling on social media can also affect our mental health in many ways. How many times have you looked at someone else’s profile and wished you had their clothes, house etc? This can really affect our self esteem.

Tip: Use this time you save to work on your health. When we remove this ‘digital’ time then we have more time to head for that jog we have been putting off, call up a friend or just chill out with family. When you find yourself comparing your life to others on social media, it’s time to switch off. Focusing on all the good things in your own life can ward any negative thoughts.

  • Less distractions

Ever been in a meeting, at the dinner table or on a date and tempted to grab your phone when you hear it buzz? Maybe you have just posted something on social media and are anxious to see how many likes and comments you are getting, if any. Checking your phone or laptop constantly effects our productivity and ultimately affects our quality of work.

Tip: Keep your phone on silent or keep it in your bag to avoid distractions when you are working. You will get your work done faster and better and your boss will be happier. You can then check your phone when you have a particular task done but try not to get stuck browsing. Give yourself three minutes to check any urgent messages or emails before putting it away again.

Learning how to ‘unplug’ is something we all need to work on ladies. Take time away from the screen and you will no doubt feel less stressed, happier and more productive. As difficult as it is, the benefits are endless. Keep these tips in mind the next time you need a break from the digital world.

How do you unplug ladies? Feel free to leave any tips on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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