#FancyTrends: Can Running Get Me In Shape For My Wedding?

By: Carol

#FancyTrends: Can Running Get Me In Shape For My Wedding?

So the wedding is a few months away and you want to get in shape. Well you can! Pop on those running shoes and stay tuned to this weeks #FancyTrends: Can Running Get Me In Shape For My Wedding?

What Exercise Should I Do?

This really is a personal preference but we suggest sticking with something you enjoy doing. If you don’t dread the workout everyday then you are more likely to keep it up. We think that running is a fantastic option for many reasons.

  1. The wedding is pricey enough without handing over more money for a gym membership right ladies? Well, running is free! All you need to do is pop on your runners and head outside. Whether you head to a park, around the city or around you estate, running is such a convenient way to keep fit.
  2. Running improves your mood too. It releases all those feel good hormones that should help you de-stress from all the wedding planning and keep you sane!
  3. If losing weight is on your agenda before the big day, running can help you do this in a healthy way. Regular running or jogging will help you shed any unwanted pounds.
  4. Running improves your cardiovascular fitness which means you can stay up dancing for longer ladies!
  5. Finally, you can always fit in a run. Whether you are travelling, looking for a lunch time workout or live too far away from a gym, there is always running. All you need to do is pop on your workout gear and runners and off you go.

Do I Have Enough Time?

It is never too late to start running ladies. It takes approximately four weeks to really see a difference from running but the benefits are endless even before then. With each run you are shedding pounds, improving your health and feeling fantastic. So whether you begin four months or four weeks before the wedding, it is never too late. Why not start today! If you have a decent pair of running shows, pop them on after work and get outside. Every little bit counts.

How Do I Get Started?

Before you start running we would advise coming up with a plan. A podcast is a fantastic idea! Here in TheFancyHen.ie office we love The Guardian Guide To Running for beginners on Spotify. This is an eight week podcast that helps you become a better runner, week by week. You are introduced to a mans voice who takes you through every minute of the run. You even get some motivational music to help you along. One of the girls in the office is currently on week two and she is loving it. Week one involved running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds 8 times which she enjoyed. She felt that this was a great introduction into running and was not too much too fast. Plus she is feeling stronger each time she heads out! Fantastic!

Another fantastic app that you have probably all heard of is the Couch To 5k. It is a nine week programme where you run/walk for 20 to 30 minutes at least three times a week. This programme is one of the most successful out of all the running programmes out there so we would highly suggest checking it out.

What Do I Need?

Before you begin running you must make sure you have some gear. We have gathered a list of a few essentials that would be worth investing in beforehand;

  • A good pair of running shoes. This will probably be the most expensive part but it is definitely worth it. Head into a good shoe store and tell the sales assistant what you are looking for. They should be able to advise you on the best runners that will help yo stay comfortable and prevent injury while you run. Nike is always a safe bet for some of the best runners.
  • Workout clothing such as a sports bra, leggings, shorts, tank top and hoody. If you are a beginner there is no need to go too expensive with this gear. The main thing here would be the sports bra to make sure you are nice and comfortable. Elverys stock some fantastic ranges to complete your collection.
  • Protection from the sun is very important when running. Even though we live in cloudy Ireland, it is important to wear SPF and possibly a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. Pick up some affordable caps on sportsdirect.com.
  • A handheld water bottle is a great idea to bring on a run. This will be easy to carry and will keep you hydrated which is particularly important during the summer months. LifestyleSports have a very handy and affordable Runners Waterbottle here.
  • Make sure you pick up some reflective clothing if you are running outside when it is dark. This can include running shoes that have reflective detailing, a reflective vest or belt. This should keep you safe and ensure that drivers can see you in enough time. SportsDirect.com also have some HiVis accessories including vests, jackets, trousers and belts.

How do you plan to get in shape for your wedding or hen party? Do you love running just as much as we do? Let us know and share your tips on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram.



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