#FancyTrends: Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Shape

By: Carol

#FancyTrends: Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Shape

It’s that time of the year again ladies – swimsuit season! We checked out AVA VERDU for the perfect holiday swimwear on this weeks #FancyTrends: Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Shape.

The Swimwear Struggle

Ladies, we have all been there. Searching the shops and internet for a swimsuit that looks stylish but that we feel comfortable and confident in. We try on countless styles and shapes and pray that we find one that makes us feel good. Like many fancy hens around Ireland, I am so excited to head off my holidays this year. Sun, sand and sea with a cocktail in hand….perfect! However, I shudder at the thought of wearing my swimsuit on the beach surrounded by tanned and toned women. No thanks!

Tired of the swimwear struggle, I decided to go on the hunt for a brand that created beautiful, luxurious and flattering bikinis and swimsuits. This wasn’t easy and I was losing faith in the swimwear world! But then I came across the brand AVA VERDU and I became hopeful again. Keep reading for all the details…


I fell in love with AVA VERDU when I first saw the collection online. It is the perfect combination of luxury and practicality. Made by a team of skilled craftsmen in Europe, the quality of these swimsuits and bikinis are second to none. Europe is described as the “heart of luxury goods production” so clearly they know a thing or two. The garments are made in Romania and the soft moulded cups are made in France in a small family owned factory. The StingRay accessories that you see on each piece is handcrafted in Spain. The height of luxury! As well as the fantastic quality, they are flattering. Which is something we all search for girls! With so many different body shapes out there, it is difficult to come across a company that caters to all. AVA VERDU may be the answer to our prayers…

The Shape

The shape of these pieces are designed to be flattering and supportive without being restrictive. Side boning across the bust gives support while the moulded cups give a little boost. The swimsuits and high waisted bikini bottoms have a mesh lining at the front that sculpts your tummy. The problem area we all have ladies! A seam at the back of the bottoms give a nice shape while the high leg makes those pins look longer. They really have thought of everything!

My Picks

The Alpha bikini has to be one of my favourites on the website. This is the style that I purchased for myself and I love it! The top has gorgeous detailing that gives the illusion of a more flattering bust (which I need). The high waist bottoms are what appealed to me the most though! Thank god someone invented this style! The bottoms really hug everything in and I certainly felt more comfortable and confident. Plus they look gorgeous! I am actually looking forward to sporting this on the beach in a few weeks! This style comes in black, brown and green. I went with the black colour just to make it even more flattering. They do say black is a slimming colour so why not! I think this would suit those wanting to keep everything ‘sucked in’ without actually sucking it in…which would be all of us really!

The Cuckoo Dusk Swimsuit was another one that caught my eye. How beautiful is it ladies?! The coloured detail on the edges of the swimsuit helps to give a flattering shape and “streamline the torso”. As it covers the tummy, I was a fan. As stated above, the mesh lining will keep everything pulled in, helping you to stay comfortable and confident. This swimsuit comes in black, brown with green and blue detailing and the purple with red and brown detailing as seen below. This look would suit a pear shaped body perfectly.

The Bon Bon Lagoon Bikini is simply gorgeous. Even though this bikini doesn’t cover up those ‘problem areas’ we all have, it is still flattering. The moulded cup on the top and centre back seam give shape to your silhouette. It also comes with a detachable strap if you need extra support. You don’t want to loose that top in the sea ladies! I think that this would look great on an athletic shaped body. This style comes in blue, black, red and purple and green and brown. The combination of the green and brown colours are another one I absolutely loved.

Worth It?

I do think these swimsuits and bikinis are worth the money ladies. I know it is a lot to part with for just swimwear and this can be hard to justify. However, if like me you struggle each year to find something that flatters your body shape but doesn’t look like it should be on a granny, then it is worth it. The high quality of these pieces also mean that they should last you for a few holidays. I think this is a far better idea than purchasing countless cheap swimwear each year. Plus, finally feeling confident and looking great in a bikini is priceless!

Side note: Whether that ‘beach body’ is ready or not, rock whatever swimwear you decide to pop on ladies. The beach will get whatever body you give it!

Where To Buy: AvaVerdu.com

Fancy Review Score: 8/10

Price Range: Between €200 and €300

Have you tried out the AVA VERDU swimwear collection? Do you have any favourites? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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