#FancyTrends: Hen Party Ideas For The Foodie

By: Carol

#FancyTrends: Hen Party Ideas For The Foodie

Is the bride-to-be a Foodie? This week on #FancyTrends: Hen Party Ideas For The Foodie, we give you some great ideas to make the bride and her tummy happy!

Does the bride-to-be love to cook or does she simply love food? Who doesn’t! Maybe the groups favourite thing to do is have a dinner party and catch up over some delicious food and a glass of red? We can’t think of anything better! Or maybe the bride is a disaster is the kitchen and needs to learn a thing or two! In any case, we are sure she will appreciate a Foodie Hen Party!


At TheFancyHen.ie, we have so many fantastic activity options for the bride and hens that love their food! Below we have gathered some of our best foodie hen party activities that we know will be a huge hit with all the classy ladies. This should guarantee a fantastic bespoke hen party.

Foodie Tour

What’s a foodie hen party without a Foodie Tour?! Enjoy a walking tour with your very own tour guide who will show you all the best foodie spots. From hidden gems to the most popular spots, you are sure to get the best of the best with this activity. This is a brilliant way to get your hen party meal in but with a twist. Sample some delicious cheese, fresh oysters, craft beers, indulgent deserts and more. We are getting hungry just thinking about it!

Chocolate Making

Whatever way we can include chocolate into hen parties, we will ladies. This is why the chocolate making activity is such a hit! For this activity, the gang will head to a cute cafe or classy restaurant where they will meet a professional chocolatier. He/she will show you exactly what you need to do to make some delicious treats on the day. Learn all about the ingredients, the machines used and more. When you have your treats made, feel free to tuck in or wrap them up to take home. These would be perfect to ease the sore head the day after the hen party!

Cookery Demo

Visit a restaurant with all the hens and enjoy a really special cookery demo with a professional chef. Whether you are a pro yourself or a complete disaster in the kitchen, this is a fantastic hen party activity. The chef will be there to make sure you don’t burn the place down so don’t worry ladies! Learn how to make some very special dishes that you can later tuck into when you are done. Yum! This is also perfect for hens who love to experiment and play around with different recipes. You might even learn a few new skills that you can take into your own kitchen. Impress friends and family that come around with your super tasty meals!

Pizza Making

Ladies, pizza and champagne! Is this not the perfect combination?! It’s time to take a break from the wedding diet and indulge. With this activity, you will head to a fab restaurant where you will meet your chef for the afternoon. This chef will show you how to make the perfect hen party pizza! And then it’s your turn! It’s time to put the chef hat on and make your very own delicious feast. While you are making your masterpiece you can enjoy some tasty dough balls and a glass of bubbly. Once everyone has made their pizza, it’s time to tuck in!

We hope this list has helped make your decision a little easier ladies. As well as these fantastic activities, we have lots more to choose right here. From classy afternoon tea, chocolate, gin and whiskey tasting to cupcake making, you are sure to find something.

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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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