#FANCYTRENDS: How To Host Your Own Hen Fest

By: Carol

#FANCYTRENDS: How To Host Your Own Hen Fest

It’s festival season ladies! If you are heading off to celebrate this Summer keep reading for this weeks #FANCYTRENDS: How To Host Your Own Hen Fest!

Another year, another festival season ladies. I for one, love this time of year! Whether you are heading to Forbidden Fruit, Longitude or just hosting your own mini festival in your backyard, you are sure to have an amazing time. If you are thinking about celebrating the hen party then too, a festival is the perfect opportunity for this special occasion. Not only are you giving the bride-to-be a good send off but you get to see all your favourite bands and drink and eat to your hearts content. Perfect!

What Is A Hen Fest?

A Hen Fest is simply when you attend a festival and celebrate a hen party at the same time. If you are not lucky enough to be attending a festival this year, you can always create your own. We will touch on that a bit later… If the bride-to-be is a music lover she is sure to be a huge fan of this idea. Festivals are already so much fun that a hen party will make it even more awesome! Brownie points will be given if the bride-to-be gets to see her favourite artist. She will love you forever ladies!


If you managed to get your hands on festival tickets this year then you are in for a treat! A fantastic idea would be to surprise the bride-to-be with tickets and tell her this is where she will be celebrating her hen. She is sure to be gob-smacked! To make it even more enjoyable I have included some ideas for the group below.


Whether you are staying in a tent or a B&B, make sure you bring the decorations. Hang some bunting, use photobooth props for the pictures and maybe invite a certain blow up man into the room! Decorations add to the fun of the festivities. Whether you want to keep it classy or opt for more traditional style hen party decor, you are sure to find something in our online store. Set everything up before the bride-to-be arrives so she is super surprised. Picture her face when she walks in on willy straws, banners and L Plates! Priceless!


Who else loves festival fashion? You can really have so much fun with these outfits! Play around with some cute items, lots of accessories and lots of glitter! The great fashion tips started at Coachella earlier this year and we were definitely following the rich and famous as they frolicked around the desert in their designer gear. Not at all jealous…

We found some stunning pieces below that should help complete your Hen Fest outfit. We have included some rain gear too because lets be honest, we will need it!

Boohoo Embroidered Festival Jacket – €40

Asos Sacred Hawk Tupac Bandana – €24.32

Topshop Vinyl Hooded Rain Mac – €60

Asos Glow Light Wellies – €29.73


During the (rare) quiet festival moments, the group needs some fun! This is where hen party games come into action. We have a fantastic selection of games on thefancyhen.ie that are super simple and enjoyable to play. Most of them can also be played anywhere, anytime. Ideal! The games that we think will be perfect for a festival include;

  • A Sweet Challenge where the bride-to-be wears a candy necklace that needs to be empty by the end of the night. The aim is to get only men to bite off the sweets. No cheating now ladies! If the hens are up for it, why not make it into a competition. Give everyone a sweet necklace and see which one empties first.
  • Mr and Mrs Game has to be our most popular hen party game. This is a great one to play if it starts to rain ladies. If your festival is in Ireland, this will no doubt happen… Head into the tent or your accommodation with the girls and start up the game. Ask the groom some questions beforehand and see if the bride-to-be gives the same answers. If not, she has to take a shot. Simple!
  • I Spy With My Little Eye is another great game to play at the hen party. Pick up a disposable camera for each hen and give them a list of pictures they need to take. These can include a group shot, a cute bar man and more. The person who has the most pictures, wins!

At Home Festival

You don’t need to spend money on festival tickets to have your own Hen Fest either ladies. Make sure you check out our Coachella Themed Hen Party tips here. To create this fun party, set up your own backyard festival. Weather permitting of course… Gather all the hens together, dress to impress and create an amazing playlist and you will be transported to Coachella in no time! Designate a table for some tasty treats like sandwiches, cupcakes and of course a few beers. Don’t forget the bubbly! Toast the bride-to-be, turn up the music and have a fantastic time with your very own Hen Fest!

Are you having a Hen Fest ladies? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page here for more Hen Fest inspiration!



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


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