#FANCYTRENDS: Is Male Make-Up The Future?

By: Carol

#FANCYTRENDS: Is Male Make-Up The Future?

Has your other half ever borrowed your concealer ladies? He might be soon enough! This week we look at #FANCYTRENDS: Is Male Make-Up The Future?

So we think of make-up and we think women right? There are countless articles and tutorials about make-up and how to apply it but these are all directed at women. Where do men turn to if they are looking for a bit of extra cover up? Well ladies and gents, times are changing.

No doubt your other half, brother or friend would look at you sideways if you even uttered the words ‘male make-up’. The kind of response you will no doubt get would go something like; “gway outa that!!“. Since this controversial topic is coming to the forefront lately we decided to have a closer look at the trend ourselves.


There has always been a stigma surrounding men who choose to wear make-up. Although peoples perceptions are changing, it is still seen as unusual. There is pressure on women to wear make-up and look a certain way at all times. Likewise, there is pressure on men to keep up a masculine persona. Wearing make-up definitely doesn’t fall into this. Do you know any man that wears make-up? Would you yourself go to work or on a night out with zero make-up on? More than likely the answer is no for both. A woman should fit in a certain box and a man should fit in another. This stigma seems to be changing…slowly, but it is changing all the same.

Male Make-Up In The Media

Regardless of this stigma we are now seeing more and more men in the media getting involved in the make-up industry these days. Whether it involves a YouTube tutorial or men launching their own brands, it is becoming a huge trend. In January Maybelline announced that American Youtuber, Manny Gutierrez was now their first male brand ambassador. Last year Cover Girl announced James Charles as their brand ambassador. Alex Dally launched a make-up collection for men back in 2011 called MensMakeUp.co.uk. MMUK have a wide variety of products for men. Whether guys are looking to clear up a break out, hide dark circles or try out some Guyliner, this website has pretty much everything. These industry changes are starting to break the mold and encourage more acceptance for men wanting to wear make-up.


Celebrities like David Beckham and Mark Wright have admitted to having a little touch up before photo shoots and events to look more fresh. And they are not the only ones. When going in front of a camera with bright lights, many male celebrities wear make-up. Take a closer look at your favourite male stars ladies and gents…that bronzed face is rarely natural! From Jared Leto to Leo DiCaprio, they all wear it. If Leo wears it then it can’t be that bad right?


So if the man in your life is considering trying make-up for men, where does he start? Does he simply raid your make-up bag or does he have to purchase his own? Well, he can do either or if he pleases really. Below are some products we recommend they try first. These products don’t have to be specifically just for men. Make-up is all the same regardless. Here are some fantastic products that we suggest using;

Tom Ford Bronzing Gel – €44

This bronzing gel would be like a BB Cream for girls. It gives a slight and natural colour and aims to look like you are have no make-up on at all. If guys are feeling self conscious wearing something, this should do the trick. No one needs to know you are even wearing it fellas!

YSL Touche Eclat – €35

You cannot beat the YSL Touche Eclat concealer. Whether you are male or female, this one is a winner. Guys could even wear this concealer by itself to cover bags under the eyes or some blemishes. This will help make them look rested after a busy day or a long night out. It would be the perfect thing to bring along to a stag or keep on hand during a wedding. All those long nights can make anyone look rough!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – €31.50

Guys get oily skin too so a good powder is essential. The MAC powder is a fantastic option to use over foundation or the bronzing gel above to remove any oil and keep everything in place. This could also be worn by itself to reduce any shine throughout the day.

Benefit Goof Proof Eye Pencil – €26

Male or female, we all need good brows and no one does brows quite like Benefit. This pencil is the perfect product and is super easy to use. Hence the name! Pluck a few stray hairs (or a unibrow for the boys maybe?) and use light strokes to give a natural shape that isn’t too structured.

Still not convinced? In the video below, Charlotte Tilbury herself shows men how to use make-up to create a natural yet fresh look. We love this tutorial and the end result is so natural. Create perfect skin and just pretend you literally woke up like this fellas….

My Opinion

I know that everyone will have different opinions about make-up for men. We are used to things being done a certain way and anything else takes a while to get used to. Personally I think that it is perfectly fine! Men are looking after themselves much more when it comes to skincare, hair care etc. nowadays. So why not add make up to that list? We all know how skin concerns like acne can affect us ladies. We feel self conscious and less confident. However, us ladies can apply make up and instantly feel better whereas men don’t have this advantage. I think it would be great for guys to be able to do the same. And after all, doing make up is so much fun! I say let the boys join in!

Guys, would you wear make-up for men? Ladies, how would you feel if your other half started wearing make up? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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