#FancyTrends: Teeth Whitening For The Bride-To-Be

By: Carol

#FancyTrends: Teeth Whitening For The Bride-To-Be

Want pearly whites for the Hen Party and wedding? Keep reading this weeks #FancyTrends: Teeth Whitening For The Bride-To-Be for all the details on this popular procedure.

We all want to look our best for the hen party and wedding ladies. To prepare for these special occasions the bride-to-be normally starts a few beauty treatments such as facials. For the brides that look after every detail, teeth whitening might be on the cards. However, if you have never done this procedure before you might be wondering what it entails, how much it costs and if it’s even worth it. To help you with this decision, TheFancyHen.ie met with Dr. Kevin O Brien who showed us a quick demo and explained everything you need to know. Video below.

Why would someone get their teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening has been around for years. However, a few years ago it was a taboo procedure that many women were not willing to admit they had done. Nowadays, both women and men are far more open to talk about whitening their teeth. The reasons as to why they do it would differ from person to person however, the main reason is that they are not happy with the shade of their teeth. Our teeth can become discolored for many reasons. It can be down to genetics, smoking, the food we eat and all the coffee we drink to get us through the day. Oh sweet coffee! When it comes to special occasions like hen parties and weddings, some brides and guests wish to tackle this problem to ensure they have sparkly white teeth on the day.

What is involved in the procedure?

Before you begin the teeth whitening process you get a mold of your own teeth which is turned into a silicone tray. These trays normally take about a week to make. They are very discreet and you would barely know you are even wearing them which is fantastic. For this demonstration, Dr Kevin used the Colgate Max White One Professional that is only available from the dentist. You place the teeth whitening gel in the tray, a small amount will do, and pop them on your teeth for about an hour. You would have to do this everyday for about 12-14 days to see results. After the hour, take out the trays and rinse in cold water and store them in the tray that is provided.

How long would my teeth stay white for?

Dr. Kevin O Brien said that the general shade of the teeth stay white for quite a long time, approximately a year or two. However, as you are the person looking at your teeth everyday you may not notice how white they are whereas a third party would. He recommended a top-up procedure every two months for about an hour to continue to see the white shade you desire. You would simply apply the gel and pop on your teeth like you did at the beginning. This would be handy to take you from the hen party to the wedding. Simply top it up just before your wedding and they are shiny and new all over again.

How much would this procedure cost?

Dr. Kevin said that you would be looking to budget about €290 – €350 for a decent teeth whitening procedure. The important thing is that you go for a known and trusted brand. Two of the main products he would use include the Colgate kit and Polady which he says are the best he has come across.


After model Lynda got this procedure done (video below), I sat down with her to hear what it was like;

How does the tray feel in your mouth?

It feels very comfortable. It’s not bulky or anything, they’re so small.

What does it taste like?

There is a slight minty taste like toothpaste.

Is there any sensitivity?

None at all.

How long would you leave that in for?

An hour a day.

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