#FancyTrends: Ways To Remember Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

By: Carol

#FancyTrends: Ways To Remember Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Looking for ways to honour those you have lost at the wedding? Check out this weeks #FancyTrends: Ways To Remember Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding.

A wedding can bring on many mixed emotions; excitement, nerves, happiness, sadness. This is especially evident when the bride and groom have lost someone close to them. What couples now like to do is to come up with some ways to remember these people on their big day. This can be tricky. You want to honour them, which can be sad, but still keep the wedding an upbeat and happy occasion. We have picked some of our favourite ideas we have seen over the years that will hopefully inspire you to create something really special. Remember, these ideas can be done during the wedding or privately between you and immediate family. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Memorial Table

One of the common ways to remember lost loved ones at a wedding is with a memorial table. This is simply a table that is decorated nicely and has pictures of the people you have lost. This can be placed in the church or in the room of the afters. It is a nice way to remember them as people can look at the photos as they walk by. A nice idea would be to decorate the table in a way that represents the person(s). For example, if the person loved roses you could place a bouquet or a single rose beside their picture.

Save A Seat

A new idea we came across recently was saving a seat for the person you have lost. We really liked this idea. Here you leave a seat in the church in memory of the person and where they would have sat if they were still there. On this seat you can place a single flower, a picture of them or an object they owned. This could be one of their hats, ties, books or some item that will remind you of them.

Balloon Release

Another nice way to remember those you have lost is to release a balloon in their honour. This is a great idea to do possibly before dinner. Blow up a white balloon (or whatever colour you like), call everyone outside and let it float into the sky. Why not have their favourite song playing in the background. A nice addition would be to attach a photo of both of you or leave a little note inside the balloon before letting it go. Such a thoughtful way to take a break from the festivities and remember this special person.

Secret Recipe

Did this person have a secret recipe? Or a meal that they always cooked and you absolutely loved? Why not share this recipe with the guests? From cookies to cakes to their famous beef stew, type or write the recipe down for guests to take home and place them on the table before dinner. You could even make the recipe and serve it on the day for everyone to enjoy.


This is a lovely subtle idea that the bride and groom can do on the day. The bride could wear a locket with a picture(s) of someone they have lost and the groom can get pictures placed on cuff-lings. This way the couple can keep them close all day. Also, people don’t even need to know you are wearing them if you wish not to say anything.

Light A Candle

You could also light a candle(s) either in the church or the afters to honour them. These can be plain candles, candles with their favourite scent or one with a saying or image on the front. Place these at the entrance of the church, by the alter or on a table during dinner. Fake candles might also be a good idea to make sure the flame doesn’t quinch.

Patch work

Another nice idea we found was adding some patch work to the brides dress and/or the grooms suit. This material can be from a piece of clothing that they used to wear such as a shirt or dress. A piece can be cut into the shape of a heart and sewn on the inside of the dress or inside of the suit jacket. Again, this could be another idea that the couple can show the guests or keep to themselves.

So there you have some nice ideas as a way of representing these special people who are no longer with you. As difficult as this time may be, it is lovely to remember them on the day. Do you have any other ways to honour those who have passed? Share them with us on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram.



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