Hen Party Traditions from around the World

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Hen Party Traditions from around the World

Pre wedding ceremony gatherings and hen parties are popular the world over. Wedding customs are passed down from ancient traditions or adopt ideas from other cultures. Although they come in many different forms, friends and family will gather to celebrate the bride-to-be by having some sort of hen party. Here are just some of the Hen Party traditions from around the World.

South Africa

‘Kitchen Tea’ is the name given to the celebration that happens in honour of the bride before the wedding day. Guests arrive to the brides house with gifts that are made for the kitchen only! So blenders, kettles, tea towels, fancy china bowls – you name it!


‘The Blackening of the Bride’ is the Scottish hen party tradition. The bride is sat on the back of a truck and covered in ‘blackening’. This is a mixture of flour, eggs, treacle and feathers. Guests throw the blackening over the brides head as she is paraded through the town. She is then allowed to go home and clean up, but not before visiting a few pubs first!

Maybe not for those looking for a more classy hen party experience.


In Germany is it customary to smash several porcelain items to bring the newly weds good fortune in their marriage. Called, the ‘Polterabend’ which means ‘the smashing’, this tradition often develops into a wild party. Like the idea of a wilder party?! Get set for it with this amazing dance class.


The term ‘Hen Party’, refers to the brides female friends getting together to celebrate before her wedding. Dating back to the 1800’s this tradition has since to developed into holidays, themed parties and more. With so many amazing locations to choose from. The UK is the perfect place to throw your unique hen party!


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in America are super popular and most of us know all about their customs and traditions from popular films and TV. They are very similar to hen parties in Ireland and the UK, with the added bonus of a Bridal shower – where the bride receives gifts from her friends and family.

All over the world brides celebrate with their nearest and dearest in traditional, unique and sometimes bizarre ways. Whether you are embracing your family’s quirky traditions or hitting up that amazing chocolate making course, there are infinite ways to celebrate this special time.

So, there you have just some of the Hen Party traditions from around the World. Finally, how do you plan on celebrating your hen?



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