Hen Party Zodiac: Aquarius

By: Rob

Hen Party Zodiac: Aquarius

Hen Party Zodiac: Aquarius. The big day is coming up for your independent Aquarius friend. Show her the time of her life by throwing her a hen party fit for an Aquarius queen! This sign is original, progressive and loads of fun. Aquarians have a big silly side that you all know and love.

Your Aquarius bestie rolls with a unique crew of friends that are creative, clever and kind. Does this sound like your super fun gang? Gather together and bring out her eccentric and energetic side by Building a Willy! This ridiculous hen party activity is sure to get some serious laughs. Knowing you lot, you will probably take some some mega artistic masterpieces! Aquarians hate dull or boring situations and this activity is far from that.

Finish off the event with a spot of Glamping. This extremely trendy activity is so popular at the moment and for obvious reasons. A glam tent with a few fairy lights, scenic locations, glasses of bubbly galore and maybe a bonfire – what more could you want? An Aquarius bride will adore getting letting loose until the wee hours at this sophisticated camping upgrade. Wind down by laying under the stars (or the rising sun) after having the time of your lives.

So, plan something special for your unique Aquarius friend! Create the perfect mix of an event that is silly, sophisticated and sentimental. And you can guarantee the bride and the rest of your gang will have a fantastic hen party that will never be forgotten.



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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