How To Decorate Your Hen Party Area

By: Carol

How To Decorate Your Hen Party Area

Planning a hen party soon? Make sure every detail is perfect and find out How To Decorate Your Hen Party Area right here.

Ladies, we know how much fun a few drinks in a swanky bar is. We know how much the girls love to show off their Beyonce moves on the floor. However, we can all agree that pre-parties are the best bit of a night out! This is no different for hen parties. All the hens getting together, getting dolled up, having a drink and having a laugh. There is nothing better! So, to help make this ‘getting ready’ process even more fun, we have come up with some fun ways to decorate your room. Whether it’s a hotel room, sitting room or even your garden, these ideas will work well anywhere.


Ladies, you cannot have too many balloons. Once you have a theme or colour scheme picked, start blowing up those balloons. These will look fab indoors or outdoors. For a girly theme, think pink and sparkly balloons. For a vintage style hen, pastel colours will work great. Not only are balloons a cute decor idea but they are a fab photo prop!

A great way to utilise balloons would be to create a balloon heart. The heart can be made by sticking balloons to a wall in the shape of a heart. Simple! Using red balloons would be a great idea but feel free to choose whatever colours are in line with your colour scheme. Another cute way to use these balloons would be to hang photographs from them. Attach photos of all the hens to a piece of string or twine and tie to the end of the balloon. Let these hang loose in the room and watch the girls fall in love with them!


Don’t forget to add a personal touch to the hen party decor. This could include a banner with the brides name and pictures of all the hens stuck up on the wall. Why not even get her face put on some cupcakes? We have some fab personalised items available in our online store. These include dressing gowns, slippers, bottle labels and bunting. Adding these personal touches to the party will make the bride-to-be feel extra special!

The details:

Keep attention to detail when planning this hen party. Little additions like decorated cutlery, a Polaroid camera and accessories for guests to wear will be a fab final touch to the afternoon. The bride-to-be will really appreciate the effort the host has made.

A great place to focus on detail is with the table setting. Create the table setting depending on the time of year. You will find a fab fall hen party tablescape here. If you are hosting this party around Easter, lay out some mini chickens and chocolate eggs as party of the decoration. Line the table with colourful flowers and bright cutlery. An all white table setting gives an air of sophistication while a pink and colourful setting gives a girly feel to the party. Decide on a party theme and go from there.

Treats table:

A hen party is nothing without a table full of goodies! Designate one table and fill it with tasty snacks like sweets, chocolate, fruit and a few drinks of course. Place a bottle of bubbly and a few other options on this table that the hens will like. Lay out some glasses with a label on each. Each hen can write their name on the label and therefore won’t loose their glass throughout the night. Perfect! This way all the hens can help themselves to whatever they like. This will give the host a well deserved break.


An affordable way to decorate your hen party area would be to use items you already own. Create cute vases by cleaning and painting old wine bottles. Old jam jars or mason jars can be used to place candles or twinkly lights inside. This would look fantastic at a garden party in the evening. A great idea would also be to collect pretty flowers from your garden and display these at the party. There is no need to spend a lot of money on flowers when they are sitting in your back garden. Collect different flowers and arrange them in a vase as a table centrepiece or scatter around the area.

So ladies, if you are planning a hen party soon keep this list in mind. Create a fab room to get the party started! Remember, if you need any help organising your next hen party simply email us on or call +353 51 393 000 today. 



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


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