Lets Talk Coffee

By: Carol

Lets Talk Coffee

Are you a coffee lover just like us? Then you are sure to be popping into a cafe at the hen do! Whether it is for a catch up or to give you more energy for the night ahead, you cannot go wrong with a hot cup. Ladies, Lets Talk Coffee!

Wake Up

We all have our favourite coffee. That morning cup that helps wake us up, that lunch time coffee we have to take a break from a stressful day. We grab a coffee to catch up with loved ones. We snuggle up with a cup on the couch on a rainy evening. You just cannot beat it! In fact, recently we arranged to meet someone in Starbucks at 7pm and it was so busy that we felt like we were in a bar or nightclub. It is interesting to think that in Ireland today we actually meet up and even go dating in an alcohol free zone. So many great inspirational quotes come from drinking coffee too. Elvira above is pictured with her own favourite – Wake Up, Have A Coffee, Be Awesome. Perfect!

Have A Coffee

Whether you are a Cappuccino, Decaf or Skinny Latte lover, we all have our go-to! Nowadays however, it seems that there is more choice than ever when it comes to coffee. With different types of milk, hot or iced, different flavouring, there is so much, and often too much choice. It can even take us quiet a while to express the specifics of our order at the counter. However, even with all these options, at TheFancyHen.ie office we normally stick with our usual. That coffee that helps us get through the day!

Be Awesome

This week we held a poll on our Twitter page asking you what your favourite coffee is and we were not at all surprised by the results. In this poll we included the Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso and an Americano. The Latte and Cappuccino were clear winners and actually came in a tie for first place. Americano came second and the Espresso came last.

We recently spoke to the manager of a well known coffee shop chain to learn more about coffee trends this year. She revealed that the most popular coffee for women in their 20’s is a Latte with added flavouring such as caramel or vanilla. In the colder months Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are a favourite. We definitely had our fill here in the office during Autumn and Winter! Men are more likely to order a Cappuccino or a flat white. For those of us that are more health conscious, Chai Lattes are the most common hot drink ordered.

Before the hen party

So you have jetted off on your hen party bright eyed and bushy tailed. The group wants to stay energetic throughout the day and night right? Then a cup of coffee is needed! It is believed that a coffee before working out can improve your performance so surely this applies to all the dancing you do in the nightclub! You apparently burn more calories and have more energy if you have a cup of coffee before physical activity – perfect!

The day after….

Look, lets face it. We all reach for a coffee the day after a party, especially a hen party. All the celebrations definitely take its toll! We have heard many times that coffee actually doesn’t help a hangover, and it probably doesn’t. However, we cannot be expected to give up such an important part of our daily routine can we? Our favourite has to be an iced coffee after a long night. It certainly hits the spot!

Coffee shops in Ireland

There are so many amazing coffee shops all over Ireland. No matter where you are hosting your hen party, you are sure to grab a perfect cup. Some great cafes include;

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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

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