Reasons why hot tub parties are the best

By: Rob

Reasons why hot tub parties are the best

As far as hot tub parties go, it is difficult to think of reasons why they wouldn’t be the best! This summer hen party activity will be a huge hit and here’s a few reasons why hot tub parties are the best.


Lounging in a hot tub gives you a few more options in the swim wear department. On one hand, you have the privacy to feel comfortable wearing whatever you want. Do not be surprised if one of your more spirited hens jumps in wearing a onesie! With no waves or currents to worry about, you could even spice up that two piece with a pretty necklace or some funky earrings. Sit down and relax in the hot tub and be a babe.


Hot tubs are often conveniently located near the bar. Enough said. They are also near the loo’s, or the kitchen area if you get peckish. Although, we do advise you to arrange for several handsome waiters to bring you platters of cheese and grapes whilst you bask in the sunny hot tub to enhance the vibe.


Being in water is super relaxing. It is good for your joints, muscles and boosts your sense of well being. Whether you kick off the party with a few sophisticated hot tub cocktails or retreat into that amazing bubbly broth the morning after all the fun, the effects are totally noticeable. This is the main reason why hot tub parties are best: they seriously chill you out! The perfect way to blow off steam before the big day.

So, throw a hot tub cocktail party for that upcoming hen! Has any one ever regretting spending time in a hot tub!? We think not.



If you are planning a classy hen party we are here to help. Get in touch and we will build you a fabulous hen party.


What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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