Suzanne Jackson Having A Ball On Her Vegas Sten

By: Carol

Suzanne Jackson Having A Ball On Her Vegas Sten

Suzanne Jackson Having A Ball On Her Vegas Sten – most definitely! She jetted off to Vegas for a Sten with hubby-to-be Dylan and friends. We have the low down so far.

What is a Sten?

Simply put, a sten is when the happy couple have a hen and a stag party on the same night or weekend. Normally couples like to celebrate their hens and stags separately. The bride-to-be parties with her girls and the groom-to-be parties with the boys. However, if everyone is pretty close and you normally have tons of fun all together, a sten is a great idea. Why not?

So Sue Me in Vegas

This is the approach that Suzanne and her fiance Dylan took when celebrating the special occasion. On May 11th the gang headed off to Vegas for a fun filled weekend. Judging by Suzanne’s Snapchat and Instagram, the gang is having an amazing time!

When they got off the plane Suzanne and Dylan were treated to a private driver by American Airlines. They were taken to the executive lounge in a car that apparently Beyonce has travelled in before. Jealous? Us? Never! Suzanne’s chief bridesmaid made a ‘Hangover Survival Kit’ for all the ladies complete with Paracetamol, Vitamin E eye patches and chewing gum. Such a great idea! The girls even got their tab picked up by a generous man after a few drinks! That Irish charm eh?! The group then hopped into a green hummer limo that took them to a casino where everyone could have a few drinks and place a few bets.


The hens were gifted tracksuits saying ‘Sues Squad’ and ‘Bride Squad’ by Robes4You which they wore to the airport. Sue then changed into a gorgeous white jumper that said ‘Bride-To-Be’ and a cute white veil. They definitely looked the part!

The hens and stags are only in Vegas for one day so far…we can’t wait to see what else they get up to!

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What Others Say

Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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