How To Throw A Feminist Wedding

By: Carol

How To Throw A Feminist Wedding

Not a fan of the traditional style wedding ladies? Switch it up and find out How To Throw A Feminist Wedding. We have all the details right here.

So your other half recently popped the question and you now have the task of planning a wedding. Friends and family are quick to give you lots of tips, advice and things you simply must have at your big day. You are also reminded that the bride does most of the work and the groom is expected to “just show up”. Great!

If you are tired of the outdated traditions that come with planning a wedding then you are not alone. Feminist weddings have become very popular over the last few years. This is a title basically given to weddings to escape the norm and host a wedding with a difference. Interested? Then keep reading.

Brides speech

Before or during the meal is usually the time when the speeches begin. Everyone looks up at the top table waiting to hear what funny and/or sweet stories the groom has up his sleeve. But who says that the bride can’t give a speech also? We think it would be a great idea for the new bride to stand up and say a few words. This is an opportunity for her to thank everyone for coming, show her gratitude to her bridesmaids, family and friends and have a quick dig at her new husband. Lets be honest ladies, we tend to be better with words anyway….

Bridesmaid speech

We all enjoy the embarrassing stories from best man speeches don’t we? Well, why can’t the maid of honour give it a go too? Ask your right hand gal to write a few words about the happy couple and throw in a few funny tales of any past adventures. No doubt there is a few!

Forget about gender roles

Choosing who will be the bridesmaids and groomsmen is a tricky one ladies. Having to pick between family and friends, making sure your number matches your fiances….this isn’t always a walk in the park. Not to mention if one of your best friends is a guy. Do they miss out on standing beside you at the alter just because they are male? Why not forget about the terms ‘bridesmaid’ and ‘groomsmen’ and just pick whoever and how many you please.

Engagement rings for both bride and groom

Men spend so much money picking out the perfect engagement ring for their future bride. Surely they deserve something nice to mark the special occasion too? The bride-to-be could pick out a stylish ring for the groom also. If even wearing the wedding ring is a push too far for him then think of something thoughtful that he will appreciate. This could be a nice pair of cuff links or a watch that he can cherish forever. Just like your engagement ring.

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The dress

So you have just got engaged and are already thinking about the perfect dress. But what if you went for something different? There are so many fabulous alternatives to a traditional wedding dress. Why not opt for a different colour dress such as emerald green, pastel pink or floral? Maybe you would like to sport an all white pants suit or jumpsuit for the big day. These are huge trends and would look so chic on the bride-to-be.

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Throwing the bouquet

Throwing the bouquet involves all the girls gathering around and trying to catch the bouquet to see who will get married next. This can be fun, but why not switch it up and include some of the guys? Throw the bouquet out to both the men and women at the wedding and see who catches it. Maybe the groom can even throw something such as a teddy bear or a €50 note tied up. Something to make them jump! Another great idea would be to change the meaning behind throwing the bouquet altogether. Why should it mean that the girl will get married next? Maybe it should mean that this person gets free drinks for the rest of the night – sounds much better!

Walking down the aisle

The norm when walking down the aisle is that bride walks with her father. To break this tradition why not walk down with both parents, a family member or your closest friend. Some brides even prefer to walk down the aisle themselves rather than choosing just one or two people to join them. Leave the ‘giving away’ tradition behind ladies. No one is giving you away, your family is simply getting bigger.

And remember…..

Your wedding is not all about the speeches, gifts, dresses or who catches the bouquet. It is about all your family and friends coming together to celebrate the love between you and your husband.

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