Top 10 Vintage Hen Party Accessories

By: Rob

Top 10 Vintage Hen Party Accessories

The sun is finally breaking through the clouds, the winter coat that has kept you warm for months is being put to the back of the wardrobe and the beer gardens are starting to fill up again with punters instead of just weather hardened smokers.

It’s also the time of year when hen parties across the country start shedding items of clothing used to stave of pneumonia and replace it with hen party accessories. They can proudly take to the streets sporting their hen party theme of choice for all to see.

If you and your classy bunch of ladies are going for the vintage hen party theme, enjoying the likes of afternoon tea, cocktail classes or evening a pottery class throughout the day these are the Top 10 Vintage Hen Party Accessories to compliment your hen party.

You know what they say accessorize, accessorize and accessorize!

1. Aprons

The vintage hen party theme, is about taking a step back in time and getting dolled up in the attire our mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers would have worn. One hen party accessory that really says vintage is an apron. You can get a vintage style apron in a variety of different patterns, but my favourite is the polka dots. These aprons won’t just be something that makes you stand out from the crowd as a fun hen party. They’ll also come in handy should there be any spills in a cocktail class or pottery class. That way you can stay glamorous all evening.

2. Polka Dot Badges

Polka dot badges is a classic on the vintage hen party accessories list. These little badges are both discreet and elegant. They fit seamlessly into any hen party theme but they are a fantastic vintage embellishment to an apron or sash. Also they are a great little memento of a terrific hen party weekend.

3. Hessian Bunting

Quiet often many maid of honour’s will host a garden hen party for the bride to be to really take the vintage hen party theme to the next level. On the top of her list of vintage hen party accessories will be hessian bunting. This rustic bunting which will be draped around the garden or room will add a vintage and rustic touch to a beautiful hen party setting. You also have the option of personalising the bunting with the bride’s name and date for the big day.

4. Can Can Mask

A vintage hen party theme isn’t always aprons, flowers and polka dots. The early 1900’s was a time where elegant, classy and stunning ladies ruled. They had a style of there own with long gowns and an air of mystery. A hugely popular hen party theme is the Forties Flappers theme and the can can mask is the perfect vintage hen party accessory to help pull of this outfit. Just think of a glamourous ball or masquerade party and the elegance that a can can mask will bring.

5. Feather Boa

Continuing on with the Forties Flapper vintage hen party theme we have the feather boa. This hen party accessory is the perfect addition to any vintage hen party theme and works perfectly with the forties flappers theme. And if you aren’t planning on any particular hen party theme a feather boa always looks fantastic and will turn heads for all the right reasons on the hen party night.

6. Floral Sash

Floral patterns always scream vintage in my eyes and if you don’t plan on wearing a full floral dress to the hen party why not opt for a floral sash. This hen party accessory will compliment any hen party theme but if you going for that vintage theme, you won’t go wrong with a floral sash. It’s also good to know that these are always a crowd pleaser on a hen party.

7. Cake Stand

If your vintage hen party theme involves afternoon tea as your hen party activity then you have to accessorize it with a cake stand. Beautifully arrange small sandwiches and delightful baked goods in a gorgeous table piece and set the tone for the vintage hen party theme. We know the bride will love this.

8. Floral Crown

If the bride to be is one of those women that is all about flower power, boho, chic and vintage fashion then a floral crown finished with pearls is a beautiful hen party accessory. This hen party accessory will compliment her style, elegance and outfit without being ‘to’ in your face. Of all the vintage hen party accessories, personally, this is my favourite.

9. Pearls

Vintage hen party accessories are all about being classy. A pearl necklace or earrings add a elegant touch to any ensemble.

10. Black Feather Fan

As the summer is upon us and when you are out on your hen party night you may need some cooling down from all that dancing. So when you go back to your seat to relax, do it in style and use a black feather fan to cool down. This vintage hen party accessory is classy, functional and goes well with a variety of hen party themes.

So there you have it the Top 10 Vintage Hen Party Accessories to compliment any vintage hen party theme you are planning for your best friends hen party.



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