Top 3 Rules for being the Best Bridesmaid

By: Rob

Top 3 Rules for being the Best Bridesmaid

It’s a very special time in anyone’s friendship when you’re asked to be a bridesmaid. It’s such a special day for one of your closest friends and to be asked be beside them when they make this commitment to the person they love is a huge honour. If this is your first time being a bridesmaid. There is a few things you should know and these are our Top 3 Rules for being the Best Bridesmaid.

Get to know one another

The bride has close friends from work, college and childhood. Her bridesmaids may include a close colleague, her sister, a few of her best friends from growing up and maybe the grooms sister too. There are loads of things you can do to make sure everyone gets to know one another. Ice breaking games to play at afternoon tea or even meeting for a drink on one of the weekends coming up to the wedding! Putting together a Facebook chat or Whatsapp group would be a great way to share ideas with one another about dress colours and activities.

Helping the Bride

The bride to be will have loads to do coming up to the wedding. Whether it is making appointments at the salon or collecting dry cleaning, she will be super busy preparing for the wedding itself. This can be overwhelming for a lot of brides, so offer a helping hand! Ask her what you can help with. Maybe you will give an elderly guest a lift to the church or hook her up with an appointment at the spa? Make life easier for her!

Personal Touch

Create an experience for the bride and bridesmaids that has a few personal touches. Find out what the vibe is and what everyone would enjoy. Whether you decide to throw a movie night with the brides favourite films, a big family barbecue, a night of karaoke and wild dancing or a bonfire on the beach – add your own personal touches. Prepare party favour bags with a few polaroid pictures of the event and a slice of cake. Make it extra special, classy and unique!

These Top 3 Rules for being the Best Bridesmaid, will go a long way to make you the ultimate bridesmaid! Being a bridesmaid is a wonderful honour. Do the role justice by being the best and make sure you throw her a memorable hen party weekend with of course.



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