Top 5 Unique Hen Party Activities

By: Carol

Top 5 Unique Hen Party Activities

Fancy trying something different for your hen party? Check out our list of the Top 5 Unique Hen Party Activities that everyone will love.

Do you want to steer clear of the traditional style hen party? Are you up for something different and fun? Then look no further! With so many interesting and enjoyable activities available, why not try something special to celebrate. We have compiled a list of some great hen party activities that will slap a big smile on the face of the hens and the bride-to-be. Get ready to make this special occasion even more special!

Afternoon On A Farm

Our fave unique activity for a hen party has to be an afternoon on a farm. You can picture it now…All the hens together on a farm bog jumping, bread making, ceili dancing and more. What more could you ask for ladies? The Causey Farm offer some fab activities that all the ladies will enjoy. We know that an afternoon on a farm may not sound too appealing to many hens but don’t worry ladies. This is sure to be a huge hit! The group be in fits of laughter as you experience what it’s like to be on a farm. Or at least party on a farm!

Afternoon Tea Bus

Now we know that you are all fancy hens ladies…the fanciest! So this activity will be perfect! Vintage Tea Tours is where you and the hens will hop on a vintage style bus to sample delicious finger food, canapes and tea. This activity is a great twist on the traditional afternoon tea. Take in the beautiful scenery as you dig into some delicious treats. Yum! Make sure you bring along a camera and take lots of pictures outside and inside the bus. This is an afternoon you won’t want to forget!

Bram Stokers Castle Dracula

Dress up, learn something new and have tons of fun with this great hen party activity. Bram Stokers castle Dracula is a fun and unique attraction that the hens are sure to love. Dress up, listen to haunting stories, travel through tunnels and into Dracula’s lair. The it is time to head into the theater for a show. Be careful you don’t get too close now ladies….they might bite! If you really want to surprise the girls and have a hen party to remember you must try this activity. This fab activity is available at Castle Dracula.

Ghost Bus

For something truly unique you have to try the ghost bus tour for your hen party ladies. Not to worry if you are bit squeamish girls, this activity has a nice helping of both horror and laughs. During the Ghostbus Tour you will uncover some spooky histories and haunting stories. Stop off in some scary locations such as a haunted museum and a Victorian theater. This is a great activity to get lots of laughs from all the hens. You will no doubt have some great stories to tell afterwards!

Pedal Power

Now this is a fun hen party activity ladies! Hop on a pedi bus with the group and start pedaling ladies. When you hop on the bus you will each have a seat and two pedals. To help move the bus you must pedal. Simple! Enjoy some great music, tasty drinks and lots of laughs as you pedal around the city. This pedi bus is quite simple to operate and there will also be a driver directing you to your destination. So don’t worry ladies, this activity requires little effort.

So ladies, if any of these unique activities take your fancy, contact us! Email us on or call +353 51 393 000 today. For more fab activities simply visit Whether you are looking for a unique or traditional hen party we would be happy to help! 



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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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