Types of Brides by their Horoscope sign

By: Rob

Types of Brides by their Horoscope sign

If you love reading the horoscopes in your favourite mag or online. Then I think you’ll love this ladies. As you’re planning the hen party weekend for a special bride to be. Does her star sign tell you what type of bride she is going to be? Here are the Types of Brides by their horoscope sign.


An Aries is a natural born leader. This bride is ready to take on this wedding like a seasoned event planner! She is rounding up the troops and making sure that this wedding is going to be as lively and vibrant as she is! Expect a long guest list and an all nighter. On the wedding day and hen party weekend.


A Taurus is a hard worker with a super close inner circle. They love their creature comforts. You will find this bride at the spa with a group of her nearest and dearest, followed by a movie night with a substantial order from her favourite Chinese restaurant. Sounds like a fancy and classy hen party on the cards.


Gemini brides want to create a wedding where they can chat to as many of their close ones as possible. These social butterflies love mental stimulation so expect some unique wedding activities that require some brain power!


Next on our list of Types of Brides by their Horoscope sign is Cancer. A bride to be who is a Cancer is going to be crying her eyes out walking down the aisle. Cancers are super empathic and romantic. This empathy and their creative streak means that they will opt for the perfect music that will make everyone else cry too!


Watch out! A Leo bride is going to have the most eye catching wedding dress you have ever seen! This day is all about them. They will seize the opportunity to be the centre of attention and make everyone around them laugh. Knowing this your hen party planning should be all about making the bride to be the centre of attention.


Virgo’s are perfectionists. A Virgo bride is organised down to a to the very last detail. Expect a traditional, elegant wedding that seems like it was planned by a professional wedding planner. This detail orientated bride would be great at this CSI Save The Groom Game on the hen party weekend.


Libras value harmony in all forms. This daydreaming bride is super imaginative and would love to be taken on an unconventional outdoor adventure by her hen party! Check out this Adventure Centre package.


A Scorpio bride is passionate and independent. This bride doesn’t get intimidated easily and will go to the ends of the earth to make this time special for her and her loved ones. She knows exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid to let you know, especially when it comes to the hen party.


This bride is easy going and energetic. Get your passport ready because Saggitarians love adventure and you might be attending this brides wedding in a foreign country! Saggitarians are ready to get out there and have a great time. Maybe a hen party trip to Portugal is on the cards!?


Capricorns are super ambitious and hardworking so expect a bride that is pulling out all of the stops! They succeed at anything they put their mind too so will be very focused coming up to the wedding.


Sensitive, imaginative aquarians are natural humanitarians. In lieu of a hen party they might have a charity fundraising gig. This bride hates anything dull and wants to have fun whilst doing something to save the world.


A bride who is a pisces would really appreciate some part of the festivities happening near water or by the sea, with plenty of good music and friendly faces. This sensitive sign loves naps and taking ‘me-time’, so allow for plenty of that too!

So there you have it ladies. I’m sure knowing the Types of Brides by their Horoscope sign will help in planning a luxurious and classy hen party weekend to remember.



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