Classy Hen Party Activities to Inspire

By: Rob

Classy Hen Party Activities to Inspire

There is something something special about planning and creating an elegant hen party weekend for someone close to your heart. Agonizing over which location to venture to or even what activity to choose that oozes class, indulgences and really makes for an incredible hen getaway. So, I felt it only right to share a few classy hen party activities to inspire!

Foodie Activities

I’m a foodie and if you’re not a foodie, I’m quiet certain you know one. If the bride to be is a foodie then we have a wonderful selection of classy foodie related activities. But two that I adore are Chocolate Making and the Foodie Tour.

A Chocolate Making class on a classy hen party weekend is all about indulgence. You’ll spend an afternoon working with expert chocolatier to create your own delicious treats. And of course you’ll get to sample throughout and bring some away to nibble on with a glass of red in a wine bar later perhaps.

The Foodie tour then is a wonderful hen party activity as not only do you get to same a huge variety of delicacies. You get to explore the town or city your in also. You’ll stop off at a host of fabulous bistros, cafes and restaurants as you really take in the flavour of a city.

Outdoor Activities

If the weather is fine in Ireland then there is nothing better than soaking up all the sun. We don’t get it that often. If you and your classy hens fancy making the most of the fine weather and want to enjoy the outdoors on the Hen. Then two of my top choices would be a Boat Trip and a Garden Party.

A Boat Trip is a wonderful and relaxing hen party activity. You and your hens will take to the water and take in the stunning Irish coastlines or waterways. All the while enjoying a cheeky glass of bubbly as you laugh, giggle and catch up. I really can’t speak highly enough of a Boat Trip as an activity.

A Garden Party on the other hand screams classy to me. Just enjoy the sun and the heat in a stunning garden by a luxurious hotel as you sip prosecco, pimms, a G&T or whatever your tipple is. Indulge in a few delights and simply take the time to truly relax with you’re closest friends and confidants.

Indoor Activities

As I mentioned above when the sun is shining, Ireland is spectacular. But often times it is more prudent to go with an indoor hen party activity depending on the time of the year. I recently went on fabulous hen where we enjoyed a Hendricks Gin Tea Party and Jewellery Making.

Now I’ll be honest, I love a good G&T. And when I heard we were going to have a Hendricks Gin Tea Party on the hen I was instantly delighted. You’ll get to enjoy one of the world finest gins but it will be served to you in traditional tea ware. Slightly like afternoon tea but with gin ladies. You also get to enjoy a few fresh pastries and nibbles. You’ll feel very spoiled on this hen party activity.

We then popped off to do Jewellery Making. Apprehensive at first I absolutely loved it ladies and wish I could have stayed longer creating pieces. If you’re into your fashion and style then you’ll enjoy this. It’s so relaxing, fun and the time seems to whizz by. The ladies that run it are brilliant fun and they made sure there was something to toast the bride to be of course.


Now if you’re looking for a unique yet classy hen party activity. Something that will catch everyone slightly off guard. Two activities immediately spring to mind. Laughter Yoga and a Murder Mystery Dinner.

Laughter Yoga is simply one of the most fun filled and hilarious afternoons you will ever have. At the beginning it can seem a little awkward laughing for the sake of it but laughing is contagious. Before you know you’ll all be in fits laughing and you have no reason why. Laughing releases tons of happy endorphins which means at the end of this hen party activity you’ll be on cloud 9, still giggling and ready for a wonderful night ahead.

A Murder Mystery Dinner is brilliant fun too. You and your hens get all dolled up for the night and head to dinner. But everyone is given a character. Throughout the meal and evening you must all, through a variety of clues, figure out who is the murderer among you. It really is tremendous fun ladies and you’ll be talking about it long into the night.

So there you have it ladies, just a few¬†classy hen party activities to inspire! I’m sure what ever you decide that it will be an incredible experience and classy Hen Party weekend!

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Thanks we had a great weekend. Activity was great fun along and food was lovely in the restaurant.

- Helen O’Keeffe, Galway Hen Party

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